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Anything You Want (Pilot)

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Anything You Want (Pilot)

Mary's in the bathroom, getting all prettied up for her date with Jeff, when Dopey knocks on the door. He tries to tell her that she can't date his friends. To her credit, Mary basically tells him to blow it out his shorts. My favorite part is when she shoves him. Hard. ["And can I just ask why Dopey wouldn't rather have one of his friends take care of Mary-kissing duty so that he doesn't get stuck with it? Duh, Dopester." -- Sars]

The phone rings, distracting RevCam from his delightful Robert Frost book. Mrs. Bink is calling to tell him that his plan to scare Dopey has worked. In the background, a delivery is carting away the oxygen machine, and Mrs. Bink's cough has magically disappeared. So, the whole thing was a set-up to frighten Dopey out of smoking. Too bad there will never be another plot as clever on this show again. ["Mrs. Bink, however, does get a return engagement. Eileen Brennan was such a foxy bad-ass in The Sting; it's sad to see her reduced to guest shots on 7H. Anyway." -- Sars]

RevCam tries to get back into his lovely Robert Frost book, but before it can put him to sleep, he hears barking outside. As he rushes down the stairs, Annie rushes toward him. She's anxious to explain that she went to the pound, but she "was just going to look." RevCam points out that the pound is not a good place just to look. For once, he's absolutely right about something.

Simon finally notices that there is a dog in his yard. He rushes downstairs screaming about miracles and how now he knows there really is a God. Annie tries to explain that this dog is only here on a trial basis, but you can tell from RevCam's facial expression that he knows he's beaten.

He doesn't take losing very well, as we can tell later when he's trying to get Annie to talk to him in the kitchen. She's all chipper and Betty Crocker-ish while frosting a chocolate cake. Annie asks him if he's angry, and RevCam replies, "No, not really 'angry.' I wouldn't say 'angry.'" There is a genuinely funny moment when he angrily hacks apart a pea pod with a paring knife while saying this. Annie informs him that the dog was scheduled to be put to sleep in twenty-four hours. Now RevCam knows he's really beaten, so he might as well just accept it gracefully. He does a fairly good job of it, though he's a little too passive-aggressive for my taste.

There is a knock at the door, and both Dopey and Mary race to answer it. Mary gets there first and is thrilled to see Jeff. Dopey is not so happy; I can't say I care one way or another. Jeff has brought Mary the romantic offering of a basketball. She accepts it happily and trots off to shoot baskets. When Jeff asks Dopey if he'll be joining them, Matt tells him not to do something stupid and slams the door in his face. The irony of Dopey telling someone else not to do anything stupid is certainly not lost on me.

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