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Anything You Want (Pilot)

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Anything You Want (Pilot)

Back in the CamPound, Mary is sitting outside the bathroom door. Ruthie walks up. When Ruthie asks, "What are you doing?" Mary shushes her. What is she doing anyway? Listening to someone take a leak? Suddenly, Lucy shouts out, "Yes!" Oh, I know we'll all want to celebrate the joyous day that Lucy got her period. At least, Mary and Ruthie do. They're all holding hands and jumping up and down joyfully in the hallway, even though Ruthie doesn't really know what's going on. She'll understand it all much better in a few years -- say, during the third or fourth anniversary celebration of Lucy's first period.

When RevCam comes along, Mary wants Lucy to "tell him." She gives her sister a rough shove toward RevCam; Lucy almost stumbles and falls, which makes me laugh. When she's recovered her balance, she just stands in front of RevCam shyly, while he stares at her ugly butterfly t-shirt. I wonder if there's supposed to be some stupid symbolism about Lucy leaving the cocoon and turning into a butterfly. Nah, it's probably just another fashion mistake on the part of the wardrobe crew. Finally, Eric says, "Let me just ask -- are congratulations in order here?" Lucy nods, so RevCam congratulates her, which is actually pretty sweet. He goes from sweet to annoying, though, when he suggests that Lucy go out to dinner with Annie and Mary to celebrate. Great idea! Maybe they can have the waitress take their picture while they explain to her what they're celebrating. If they're lucky, Lucy might even score a free dessert out of it. I'm sure the women will go to one of those chain restaurants where all the servers gather round and sing a happy clapping song when it's your birthday. All they have to do here is alter the words a bit, and everyone in the restaurant will be able to share in the happy occasion of Lucy's first period. Lucy totally makes RevCam's day when she asks him to go to the drugstore for her. Considering that if you ask my dad to go to the store and pick up a cabbage, he'll probably come back with an iceberg lettuce, I'm not sure how Lucy expects Eric to get her anything even approximating what she needs. Let's wish him luck on his mission anyway.

RevCam continues on to the attic, where Simon is sitting in front of a window with a pair of binoculars. Considering future stalking plots, this is either funny or very, very frightening. I vote for funny, especially when RevCam tries to distract him by asking if he wants to go get ice cream -- the sixth-season Camden code phrase for stalking. There's some boring chitchat about how Simon really, really wants a dog to wander into the yard, but I stopped caring about that -- well, pretty much the first time Simon mentioned it.

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