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Mary, Mary, MARY

Robbie bursts in on Matt fondling the phone in RevCam's office, and hasn't it been an hour already? How can they pack a show so full of nothing? Matt runs out of the room, and Robbie calls Mary. He asks for an apology for her sin of omission. She doesn't say anything, preferring to let her orangey blush do all the talking. "I think you should come home," he tells her. Hey...yeah -- wasn't she just about to board a train for Glenoak? Oh, well. She's not ready to come home, she says. That sounds pretty defiant. Maybe the Colonel should ship Mary off to Glenoak to teach her a lesson.

Next week: The CamMen can't control their women, and it's probably because Simon's a virgin. Or something. I was soaking my VCR in holy water, so it was hard to tell.

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