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Ay Carumba

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Ay Carumba

In the CamPound living room, Robbie is kicking back on the couch while watching his own private dance party. It's being thrown by his new girlfriend, Joy, and his no-doubt soon-to-be-next girlfriend, Ruthie. Joy is still wearing her dreadful, shiny pink pants, and her face is all glittery. To match the pants? I don't care what Seventeen magazine says -- don't these people know that makeup is for making your face not look shiny? Joy's dancing suggestively, but in a G-rated girly Popstars way, and lip-synching very badly to one of her own songs. Joy is, of course, played by not-very-fabulous singing sensation Joy Enriquez. What? You've never heard of her? Me neither. Her music is not bad, but it's nothing special -- just your average, serviceable light pop. Of course, I'm not an eleven-year-old girl, so maybe I should reserve judgment. Ruthie is an eleven-year-old girl, and she's right into Joy's music. She's trying to dance seductively for Robbie, too, and I can only be grateful that she's too untalented a dancer to pull it off. Her facial expressions are hilarious. It looks like she's trying to emulate Joy's suggestiveness, but the only thing it suggests in Ruthie is a serious case of digestive upset. Robbie's obviously enjoying himself, though.

Not so, Mary and Lucy. They're staring at this scene balefully from the front hallway when Dopey comes along. He's anxious to see the floor show close up, but Lucy tries to stop him, reminding him that he is banished to the Garage Treehouse, "except for meals and bathroom breaks." Hmm, last week Annie distinctly said that the kids weren't allowed in the kitchen when she meted out their punishment. I wonder how many thousands of viewer complaints the WB received after last week's episode. I also wonder if that's what forced them to make this revision. Honestly, I still don't know how Brenda Hampton gets away with it, though, unless it's that the WB's lawyers find the show too excruciatingly dull to stay awake through, causing them to miss things like Annie's illegal and heinous abuse of her children. Or maybe once a show has developed such a reputation for being clean-cut, nobody pays attention, and Brenda can get away with anything she wants. I wouldn't be surprised if we see an episode about gerbiling before this season is out. Dopey slips past the girls into the living room, and Mary refers to Robbie's new woman, asking, "What was her name again?" Lucy spits out, "Miss Tight Pants or Miss Sexy or something." Her bitter facial expression is oddly reminiscent of a Cabbage Patch Kid.

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