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Back In The Saddle Again

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Back In The Saddle Again

The CamRents are hugging as Eric prepares to leave for his first visit with a shrink. I can't believe it's taken him this long. Annie melodramatically begs, "If you speak of me, speak kindly." That would be much funnier if this show didn't suck so hard.

RevCam leaves, and Lucy enters. Annie tells her she looks nice. I'm sure Annie is lying. Lucy says she's dressed up because she and her cyborg sweetheart are going out with Roxanne and Miss Chanandler Bong. She feels she needs to look her best whenever she's around Roxanne. Annie spews some platitude about life not being "a competition," but that if it were, Lucy would be "a winner." This time even Lucy realizes that Annie is stretching the truth. It's pretty funny when Annie admits that this is the case; it's even funnier when she implies that Lucy should be seeing a therapist. On a more serious note, however, I'm not sure that modern psychiatry has evolved enough to help Lucy.

Down at the church, RevBong is hanging out in the office, doing…oh, whatever it is that fake TV ministers do. Cheryl drops by, looking for RevCam. Because she is an Evil Single Woman, she gets downright flirtatious when she discovers RevBong in all his hunky splendor. He tells her he's the associate pastor. She says, "I didn't know there was an associate pastor." Are you taking notes on Cheryl's conversational techniques? Her skills are pretty astounding, aren't they?

I'm beginning to think this is all just an excuse for Roxanne to walk in and get jealous. Sure enough, there's the loathsome twit now, watching as Cheryl compliments the church board for choosing RevBong: "Well, they sure did a good job of recruiting." Roxanne belligerently demands, "What does that mean, blondie?" This loses a lot of its sting when you consider that A) Roxanne is blonde herself, and B) it's a totally lame insult anyway, even for this show. Cheryl looks mystified by this freaky woman threatening her for no apparent reason. It's probably the cop uniform that scares Cheryl into apologizing. It must be hard for her, though, since she hasn't even done anything wrong. Kevin "T-1000" apologizes on behalf of Roxanne, but Cheryl still can't get out of there fast enough. After graciously wishing RevBong luck in his new job, she starts to leave. Chandler says he will tell RevCam that she stopped by. Okay -- good plan, Chandler, even though you don't know this woman's name or anything. Kevin decides to depart also, leaving Roxanne, RevBong, and RevBong's unattractively furrowed brow alone in the office. I wonder if it's time for some police brutality.

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