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Back In The Saddle Again

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Back In The Saddle Again

T-1000 and RevBong are sitting in the living room, not talking. That happy state of affairs is ruined by Lucy, who comes in to inform them that Roxanne has left. When RevBong leaves too, Lucy whines to Kevin, "I tried!" He sternly asks her, "How hard did you try?" Dude, the woman you love just got majorly dissed by your stupid partner, and now you want her to be friendlier to her? You know, I'm beginning to suspect that Kevin might be somewhat of a tool.

On his way out, RevBong waylays Annie to ask her if she's ever been jealous of any of the women Eric has had to counsel. When he explains that Roxanne got jealous of a woman who stopped into the office to talk to Eric, Annie flies into a green-eyed frenzy and starts ranting about Serena. Trust me -- there are more than enough funny faces to go around. I guess she's answered Chanandler's question, though, so he feels free to leave.

He's replaced by Kevin, who says, "I'm going home. Evidently, Roxanne has turned into Lucy, and if I'm gonna deal with Lucyness in my life twenty-four hours a day, I'm gonna need my rest." Lovely way to speak of your sweetheart, Kevin. You always know just the right thing to say. He did get my hopes up when he announced that he's going home. Since that seems like a weird way to refer to the uninhabitable Garage Treehouse, I'm going to assume he means that he's heading back to Buffalo. Annie says, "Everyone's starting to get on my nerves," which just proves that she's watching the same episode I am.

Outside, RevBong is just standing in the yard, staring at the sky. I sincerely hope God will answer his prayers to be written off the show. Kevin tries to sneak by without saying anything, but he's out of luck. RevBong wants to know how the cyborg manages to have both a career and a relationship. Kevin tells him, "You're gonna have to find [Roxanne] and have one of those discussions that's gonna make your brain bleed halfway into it because it's not gonna make any sense." And by "discussions" he must mean "episodes of 7th Heaven." Kevin has some convoluted theory about women that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but I think it has something to do with women being too proud to admit when they've been acting crazy, so it's up to the sane, stable patriarch to come up with an excuse on which the woman can blame her wacky behavior. Hence, all that PMS crap from before. Hey, check it out -- we're a little more than halfway through the episode, it's not making any sense, and I feel like my brain is bleeding. It's just like Kevin said!

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