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Back In The Saddle Again

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Back In The Saddle Again

Simon is lumbering through the hallway of some school, calling out for Cecilia. Unfortunately, he finds her. She bitches him out for letting himself into the school where she's cleaning toilets, and tells him that she's going to be in trouble if her father finds them. He doesn't care, because he loves her. She claims to love him too, although she's shaking her head while she says it. Is her voice less squeaky and more normal now? Maybe that's only because this is a "serious" scene -- or at least it tries to be. When Cecilia reminds us that she and Simon went to their respective parents last week and told them they wanted to have sex, I burst out laughing. I'd almost forgotten about that plotline. Probably because it's so FUCKING STUPID. Simon puts in a gratuitous plug for teen abstinence, saying he's glad that telling the parents kept them from doing something as icky as having sex. When Cecilia asks him to leave her alone, his stalker instincts rise to the fore. "I can't," he says. I find this really creepy, but Cecilia probably finds it romantic.

And there's Cecilia's dad. He's hardly overjoyed to see Simon, not even when the little greaseball tells him that every guy Cecilia goes out with will want to schtup her but that they may be "a lot less honest" than Simon. I'm sure he's right. God knows, nobody could possibly want to talk to her. Simon tries another approach: "Well, could we see each other under your supervision? I could sit in the living room with you and Cecilia and your wife." For some reason, Cecilia doesn't think that sounds like a barrel of laughs, and she tells Simon so. He storms off.

Ruthie is just getting off the phone with Katelyn's mother when RevCam walks in. She fills her dad in on the "best day of [her] life," but I'll spare you the details. It turns out that Katelyn has cystic fibrosis. Ruthie doesn't know anything about the disease, so she asks Eric for a PSA. RevCam never really explains what the disease is, which I find pretty annoying, but he does do a good job of suggesting ways in which Ruthie can discuss the subject with Katelyn. I don't want to be overly cynical, but I'm guessing Brenda must have cribbed that from somebody else's well-written web site. I'm especially impressed to hear Eric say, "When people we care about are in the hospital and they're open to having visitors, we go see them." You'll notice there's absolutely no mention of stalking and that Eric is actually advocating respecting the wishes of the patient. I think that's awfully thoughtful of the CamDorks, don't you?

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