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Back In The Saddle Again

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Back In The Saddle Again

Eric calls up Katelyn's father, Stoned Guy. Whatever he's on, I could use some if it, especially during this scene. Technically, it does not actually go on for three or four years, but it sure feel like it does. You probably already know that the girl playing Katelyn is actually Mackenzie Rosman's half-sister and that she really does have cystic fibrosis. I've read that Stoned Guy is Katelyn's father in real life, but neither of these people has an entry in the IMDb, so I'm not one hundred percent sure. The fact that they're not listed there tells us something very important -- these people are not actors. I don't need the IMDb to tell me that, though. The evidence is right there onscreen. There's not much point in denigrating their acting skills (or lack thereof), but it does raise the question of why Brenda continues to hire people like this. Anyone remember Yasmine? It's not like there's such a great shortage of talented, out-of-work actors that it would necessitate hiring non-actors. I'm sure Brenda doesn't hire her plumber to fix her teeth. If this episode had taught us anything about cystic fibrosis, it might have been more understandable, but since it doesn't, just what exactly is the point? Is this just Brenda's way of doing Mackenzie Rosman a favor so she'll shut up about her awful plotlines for the rest of the season? Yadda yadda -- Katelyn's dad is nattering on and on, but all you really need to know is that Katelyn is plucky and upbeat and that she's in the hospital for treatment right now. The rest is all filler. After promising to bring Ruthie to the hospital to visit Katelyn, RevCam hangs up.

Annie comes in to nag RevCam about going back to see the therapist again. The next time RevCam sees her coming, he should pretend he's still on the phone, and maybe then she'll just go away.

Kevin's also in a nagging mood, and he's taking it out on Roxanne by insisting that she call RevBong. He's so adamant about it, in fact, that he's threatening not to work with her tomorrow unless she has her "personal problems taken care of." I wish it worked that way in the real world. I know I've had co-workers I've wanted to say that to, but I always refrained. Why? Because I didn't want to get my ass fired. Oh, well -- Kevin's practically a Camden by now, so I don't suppose there's any way Detective Michaels could fire him, even if he wanted to.

When Kevin leaves, Roxanne follows his wise patriarchal counsel and calls RevBong. He's happy to hear from her. They agree to ignore their problems, which is one way to tackle the situation, I suppose, although I am a little surprised that they haven't decided to fix their problems by getting married. Then, if they should have any further relationship difficulties, maybe they could solve them by having a child. During this phone conversation, Cheryl returns to the church office. When she says hello to Chanandler, Roxanne actually recognizes her voice, a situation that stretches my suspension of disbelief just a bit. She decides not to go apeshit, though. I wonder why not.

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