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Back In The Saddle Again

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Back In The Saddle Again

At the high school, Simon and a friend we've never seen before are standing at their lockers when Cecilia walks by. She's making a date with some other guy, which causes Simon's new friend to ask what's up with Simon's "girl." Simon angrily says, "She's not mine. I don't own her, okay? She's not an object. She's a person with her own mind." I'm picturing Brenda writing these lines and saying, "There -- that ought to deflect those pesky feminists while I continue trying to set the world's perception of women back forty years." Simon's new friend asks if Simon would mind if he asked out Cecilia himself. Ew. Why would he want to do a thing like that? Because Cecilia is "hot." Oh, right.

Roxanne thanks the T-1000 for his cyborg advice and tells him she's going out with RevBong tonight. Kevin automatically assumes that means she'll want them to double-date with him and Lucy, which is kind of presumptuous, if you ask me. Roxanne, however, does not want to go anywhere near Lucy, whom she calls "contagious." Hee! Still, that's a pretty awful thing to tell Lucy's boyfriend, particularly if you have to work with him and if he's also a creepy android who could crush your head very easily between his beefy cyborg hands. Kevin just won't give up on Roxanne and Lucy becoming friends, and he tries to tell Roxanne that she doesn't need to be alone with Chandler, since it's only their second date. What the hell does that have to do with anything? Or is Kevin just being patriarchal again and trying to protect Roxanne's morals? Aw, that's so cute!

Annie is in the CamKitchen, preparing dinner, when Simon walks in. He starts whining about how Cecilia is dating other guys. Annie asks, "You mean she'd rather go out on real dates than sit in her living room with her parents and you?" How does she even know Simon suggested that? I didn't see her eavesdropping during that conversation in the school. Her stalking skills must be superb. I'm also a little curious as to why Cecilia is dating other people if she supposedly loves Simon. If she really does love him, wouldn't she want to spend any time she could with him? Annie dispenses some advice, even though no one's asking for it, when she tells Simon that since he's only fifteen years old, he shouldn't be so serious about one girl anyway. He leaves rudely, and in disgust. One of the twins points out that Simon is actually sixteen. He's holding up five fingers while the other twin holds up one. I don't what's creepier: that SuperMom doesn't know the ages of her children, or the fact that someone thought it would be cute to make the twins do that finger thing.

Lucy comes in and starts bitching about how Roxanne and RevBong are going out without her and Kevin. Annie very sensibly asks, "Well, you don't really want to go out with them, do you?" No, but now she's upset at not being asked. You just can't win with this loser, can you? Lucy's being extra-pissy right now because she thinks Annie's not being sympathetic enough. I challenge Lucy to find any sane person in the world who's genuinely sympathetic toward this stupid "problem" of hers. When she asks to speak to RevCam, Annie tells her that he and Ruthie are down at the hospital visiting Katelyn. Lucy pretends to look ashamed about being so selfish. She does agree to watch the twins while Annie answers the door, though, so maybe she genuinely does feel contrite. Why else would she make such a sacrifice?

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