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Back In The Saddle Again

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Back In The Saddle Again

Annie opens the door to RevCam's shrink. Instead of just asking to see Eric, he says, "Hi, I'm Dr. Gibson. I met with your husband last night." Wow, he must really be the world's most unprofessional therapist. First he blows up at RevCam, and now he's going around advertising that the minister is his patient. Annie invites him in. Since she's just told him that RevCam isn't home, I'm a little mystified as to why he's taking her up on her offer.

Down at the internationally famous Glenoak hospital, Ruthie is visiting with Katelyn, who is demonstrating her pluckiness. Good for her for being upbeat, but I'm really not sure why the viewers are supposed to give a shit about this, and I resent Brenda's attempts to manipulate us emotionally for no discernible reason. It's not like this show is being used to raise money for cystic fibrosis research, and it certainly does nothing to raise awareness. At least no one talks about being "back in the saddle again."

In the CamKitchen, Annie and Dr. Gibson are eating the turkey meatloaf she was putting together when he arrived. How long does it take to cook a meatloaf, anyway? At least an hour, according to my copy of the cookbook Annie was using -- which, incidentally, doesn't even have a recipe for turkey meatloaf. So has Dr. Gibson really been sitting around the kitchen with Annie for well over an hour? Or are they just eating the turkey meatloaf mix raw?

RevCam and Ruthie return, and Annie drags the girl away so that Eric and his therapist can talk. Dr. Gibson says he's there to apologize, and asks RevCam to give him another chance. Eric's looking a little skeptical.

Down on the Promenade, Lucy and the T-1000 are just leaving Flicks. Lucy apologizes about the Roxanne situation and suggests that maybe Roxanne is just not someone who can be a friend to other women. Kevin indicates that Roxanne and Chandler are about twenty feet away, sharing a meal with Cheryl and some guy. Chandler is saying, "Oh, I didn't really mean that. She seems like a lovely girl." I sincerely hope they're saying thoroughly uncharitable things about Lucy. She looks really peeved until Kevin hands her his cell phone and makes her listen to a message Roxanne left for him, asking him and Lucy to join the party at Pete's Pizza. I wonder how Kevin could have known the contents of that voice message without listening to it himself. Maybe his cell phone transmits messages directly to the CPU in his head. Lucy and Kevin walk over to the table where Roxanne and company are seated. I guess she really wasn't expecting Lucy and Kevin to show up, since it's only a table for four. Lucy hugs Cheryl. I didn't realize they were that close, but since Lucy also hugs Roxanne, I guess she's not really all that discriminating.

At the CamPound, Simon is walking down the front stairs as the doorbell rings. He's also saying, "Okay, I'm coming," which is kind of weird. Hmm -- it also looks kind of dirty when it's written out like that. Cecilia's father is at the door, and he wants to strike a deal with Simon. He will give Simon his job back if Simon promises not to do anything "stupid" with Cecilia. Why does he even bother? Asking a Camden not to do anything stupid is just an exercise in frustration. You might as well ask this show not to suck. ["You might as well ask also why Cecilia's father's home does not contain a working telephone. I hate this goddamn show." -- Sars]

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