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Sleepover Madness

Kevin brings breakfast on a tray up to Lucy. I don't know why he's going up the stairs, though, seeing as how the kitchen is on the same level as the bedroom. I can only assume that Kevin stole that breakfast out of the CamKitchen again. Nice gesture, though. He apologizes to Lucy and says that he called his teammates' wives and invited them to join the team. Most of the team stayed, but some of them quit. Maybe he shouldn't have called their ex-wives. Lucy thanks him, and Kevin asks her why being on the team was so important to her. She explains that, all through school, she was always picked last for sports, and it was really embarrassing. Kevin points out that he didn't force her to play softball and thus embarrass herself. Lucy says that "the only thing worse than being picked last is not being asked at all." That's kind of sad. Kevin gives her a peck on the cheek and asks her if she wants to play on his team. She says no. He thanks the ceiling.

Peter, RevCam, and Jake walk along the absolutely desolate Promenade. Everyone's at church, I guess. Jake thanks RevCam for getting Alfred to talk to him. So much for him doing this himself. RevCam says that Alfred is mad, but does want to talk to him. Jake takes a deep breath and walks over to his son. Peter thanks RevCam, who says he never knew about Peter's dad's drinking problem. Peter says that he's glad he got to help someone's dad, even if it wasn't his own. We see Jake and Alfred shake hands. Wow, that conversation went well, and quickly, too. "I think our work here is done," RevCam actually says. "Let's go to church!" says Peter. Super Preacher and his sidekick, Altar Boy, walk away.

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