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RevCam is sitting in his church office wearing his grandpa glasses and trying to write a sermon. Roxanne walks in and asks for Chandler. RevCam says that Chandler's not around, but maybe he can help. Big mistake, RevCam. Now you have to hear about Roxanne's relationship woes. Like how she might still love Chandler, and that's why she dumped her boyfriend and isn't interested in dating anyone else. And how she doesn't know what to do about her feelings except marry Chandler. Whoops! Guess she should have thought about all this before she told Chandler that she never wanted to marry him while laughing in his face. RevCam informs Roxanne that her beloved is currently dating the other town WHORE! But, he adds, Roxanne can tell him how she feels. Great. I totally want to see that. Thanks, RevCam. Roxanne doesn't think she can actually say what she needs to say to Chandler, but she could write it to him in a letter. RevCam agrees. Roxanne reaches into her back pocket and pulls out an envelope addressed to Chandler. Wow, she wrote that really fast! She thanks RevCam for giving Chandler the letter, and runs off. Does anyone in Glenoak know how to use the mail system today?

The sounds of manly cheering herald a scene with the Glenoak PD Husband/Wife Softball team. Kevin puts the roster up, to which a couple members of the team protest Lucy's position of first baseman. It seems the entire town knows that Lucy sucks at baseball, and Kevin's teammates are afraid that her playing on the team will ruin their undefeated record. Kevin reminds them that this is a husband/wife team, to which the players say that their wives suck, too, and that's why they "leave them at home." Kevin points out that there are other women on the team. The guys respond that those women are cops, and so don't count as actual women, I guess. Kevin says that their team really isn't a husband/wife team, then. "I don't know what you're talking about -- and I don't care!" cracks one of the guys. Hee -- I say that when Kevin says stuff, too. Another guy says that all he cares about is winning. Kevin says that that's not "right." The "I don't care!" guy says that neither is putting Lucy on first base, and I have to agree with him there. If Lucy sucks at baseball but still wants to play, why doesn't Kevin just stick her in the outfield? That's where everyone who didn't want to play baseball was assigned to in my gym class, anyway. You know I was there, picking wildflowers with my fellow untalented teammates. Lucy walks up, and everyone pretends to like her, which happens to Lucy a lot. Kevin tells her that she's playing first base today, and Lucy squeals with delight and kisses him on the cheek. The guys make kissy faces and noises not unlike the ones that SamVid made at Peter and Ruthie a few months ago. 7th Heaven's writing staff: Always happy to repeat even the smallest of plot points.

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