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Dopey returns to his apartment and happily tells John that Kim is blind. He delivers that line as if it were the punch line to a joke. As to why this would be funny, your guess is as good as mine.

Hank and Julie get into bed and discuss Mary for a while. At least they're not procreating again.

The CamRents are also in bed. Simon is arguing with them, saying that he doesn't want to take his earring out. Eric and Annie are surprisingly rational, citing relatively normal reasons for their anger, like the fact that Simon got the earring without their permission. The big disappointment is that Ruthie feels the need to opine that Simon looks like a girl. An even bigger disappointment is that, while the CamRents always feel free to deliver an edifying lecture at the drop of a hat, here they remain silent. And by insisting that Simon remove his earring, you'd almost think they were condoning Ruthie's ignorant, reactionary view themselves. Maybe they're setting up a story arc where Simon announces he's gay but through the miracle of Eric's meddling, he's magically "cured" of his "ailment."

Against the CamRents' wishes, Mary is hanging out at Frankie and Johnny's trailer. She bitches a bit about how her parents don't trust her, but Frankie and Johnny don't care. They're just anxious to get to tonight's peer pressure part of the evening. Johnny pulls out the weed. Mary naively points out that they promised not to smoke anymore, and Frankie patronizingly says that they're planning to stop as soon as they finish their stash. She adds that they don't want to make Mary do anything she doesn't want to do. That aside, the whole scene has the same paranoid feeling as one of those Reefer Madness kind of propaganda movies. Frankie and Johnny are so nervous about smoking this weed that you'd think they were narcs. There's a close-up of Mary as she decides whether to partake of the demon weed. Oh brother.

Next week: It's hard to tell what actually happens in the episode, but the start of Sweeps Month means the promos get much more dramatic and overblown. I'll bet it's safe to say that Mary spirals further downward, though.

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