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Frankie phones Mary to ask if she will baby-sit Mercy that day. Mary actually refuses, since she wants to prove herself responsible to Julie. And she refuses politely. Man, that is all so completely out of character.

Contrivance, here we come! Ruthie informs Lucy that she has invited her little friends over for the entire day, in addition to the sleepover. No one reprimands her or anything. Nope, it's just a chance to move the plot along by having Lucy merrily suggesting that the CamRents take the afternoon off while she baby-sits and takes care of the house. She seems awfully eager to prove she's responsible. There's no particular reason I can think of that would make her act that way. Oh well, motive, shmotive -- as long as they cobble together some kind of plot, it's good enough, I suppose.

Lucy, Annie, and Simon meet up in the hallway, and Simon asks them what they think of his hair. Honestly, Simon, I think it should match your eyebrows a little better, so you may want to lay off the Nice 'n Easy. Well, you did ask, didn't you? StuporMom tells him he looks "nice," but he would prefer to look like "a manlier Simon, a cooler Simon." That would be kinda hard, though, when his hairdo would not look out of place on a Spandau Ballet album cover. Lucy keeps any unkind remarks to herself, since she's trying to convince Simon to help her supervise Ruthie's Sleepover From Hell. Simon declines. Wouldn't you?

In what may be an effort to include the twins in the show more, SuperMom is soliciting their opinions on which shirts they want to wear. If you guessed that this scene is much too cutesy, you're bang on. RevCam walks in, and Annie throws one shirt and an empty hanger into the crib before rushing off to talk to Eric. I hope there's a production assistant nearby to remove that crap from the twins' crib before one of them strangles himself on a hanger or something, since Annie's too excited about getting away from the twins to care. She relays the exciting news to Eric, who says, "I love Lucy." Don't strain anything laughing, now, okay?

Aw, man! Why didn't anyone tell me Ed Begley was going to be on this episode? I could have planned ahead and not had to take the time out now to go to the drugstore and refill my EBRD (Ed Begley Revulsion Disease) medication. It keeps me from twitching uncontrollably and trying to rip out my eyeballs whenever he's onscreen. He's grilling Mary ad nauseam on safety issues. Julie adds that Mary is to have no visitors. After what feels like two million years or so, they finally depart.

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