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Simon and his ancient friend are in a room decorated in what the producers probably think is Haute Drug Dealer fashion. A biker dude holds up a funky metal mirror in front of Simon and asks him what he thinks. Simon says he likes it. I know, I really like that mirror too. I wonder if they'll be auctioning it on eBay.

Dopey has the audacity to go to Kim's apartment. She has asked her brother to come over because she's scared of Matt. Dopey, who really can't take a hint, keeps saying he wants to talk to Kim. I'm not sure if the producers are trying to play him as the good guy or the bad guy here, especially when Kim's brother says, "What kind of guy harasses a blind woman?" Uh, dude, what kind of guy harasses any woman, period? Dopey expresses astonishment that Kim is blind, which leads her brother to explain that Kim has a disease called retinitis pigmentosa. I can't believe he goes on to tell Dopey, "Maybe you should talk to her." The hell? Are they implying that it's okay for Matt to have stalked her because he thought he was stalking a sighted woman? If I had a brother who decided it was okay for a stalker to talk to me, I'd drop-kick his ass across town. I guess Matt is one of those good Christian stalkers, though. That makes it all okay, because he just really, really wanted to talk to Kim. What right did she have to refuse him anyway? Jeez, what a bitch.

The next scene cuts back and forth between RevCam talking to Johnny and Annie giving Frankie advice. Frankie is in denial about what a scumbag her husband is, and Annie tries to talk her into leaving him. Johnny proves what a loser moron he is by trying to justify his fits of anger. It's kind of a sad scene, and it's handled well. No, really!

I can almost say the same for the next scene between Dopey and Kim. She treats us to a little PSA about this week's disease, retinitis pigmentosa. Kim's in the early stages of the disease, so she still can see things in bright light, which explains why she was able to recognize Dopey in the library. Because he had dated Heather, she thought that when he asked her for a date it was because he's into women with disabilities. That's what she says, anyway. I suspect her instincts just told her to avoid the creepy stalker-dude because there's something not right about him and he's not very bright either. It's cool that she has the guts to tell him she doesn't want to be his friend or study partner either. Hmm, Kim and Dopey have the same haircut. Maybe it was "2 For 1" night down at the local haircutting school. Kim doesn't have Dopey's strange triangular sideburns, though. Really, Dopey shouldn't have them either.

Hank and Julie are at some restaurant. Hank is talking to a telephone operator on his cell phone. We learn that their home phone is off the hook. They pretend not to be worried. Ten seconds later they get up and leave. With the comedic talents of these two, you can just imagine how funny this scene was.

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