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Bowling For Eric

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Bowling For Eric

Ew, it's make-out time up in Lucy's room. She and Kevin are sitting on (gasp!) her bed. But don't worry -- they're indulging in the usual kind of totally unerotic kissing where the only part of their bodies that touch are their lips. Lucy apparently finds this as boring as I do, because she would rather talk about Robbie. Specifically, she wants to know why Robbie and Kevin are fighting. She modestly insists that it has something to do with her. Kevin assures her that it doesn't, but she remains unconvinced. Stupid and arrogant -- that's a particularly unappealing combo. When Kevin refuses to "prove" that the fight is not about her, she switches gears and starts hassling him about his old girlfriends again. She compares their relationship to her parents' appalling marriage, and insists she doesn't want to end up "crazy" like her mother. Kevin attempts levity by saying it's "too late," but George Stults is far too horrible an actor to pull off such awful dialogue.

Annie has apparently just given the twins their healthy, balanced dinner of Nutty Buddy ice cream cones. While they chow down happily, Simon whines about how it's bad enough that he's "on restriction," but now he must suffer the further humiliation of being seen at the bowling alley with his family on a rockin' Friday night. He begs his mom to "restrict" him from family activities, which is pretty damn funny. Annie obviously doesn't think so, though.

After Simon leaves, Robbie comes down to raid the refrigerator. He tries to get out of bowling too, but Annie's not letting him off the hook. Same deal for Kevin, though he gets the added bonus of an annoying lecture on the meaning of family.

When I first see RevCam on the phone, telling someone, "You mean a great deal to me," I can't help but think he's talking to some random telemarketer. It's much worse, though. That's right -- Ed Begley, Jr. is on the show this week. RevCam just wants to tell him how much he loves him. Is there any oxygen at all reaching Eric's brain right now? My suspicion that there isn't is confirmed when RevCam says he would like to tell Aunt Julie how much he loves her too.

Annie comes upstairs to pry RevCam's secret out of him, but she's not having much luck. She does get to hear one of RevCam's little "I love you" speeches, though. Lucky her.

After an establishing shot of a cool retro bowling alley sign, we see some random extras walking around with bowling balls. And there's the CamFam, all surly as they pick up their bowling shoes. Hey, Brenda, I just wanted to let you know that I'd be perfectly happy just to stare at that lovely bowling alley sign for the rest of the episode, in case you felt that, you know, this episode was turning out to be a boring crapfest or something.

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