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Lucy and the other hellspawn fret over the twins' piggybanks. Ruthie says that the banks contain almost $400. Matt pretends to believe that Mary will pay the money back. Ruthie really does believe it. They decide to go through with the thievery.

Mary emerges from Flix; once again, she's got a five-dollar bill in her hand. Sad clarinet music plays as she glances around. You can tell she's going to do something bad. Maybe she'll purchase a nickel bag from Crack 'R' Us. She sees the ice cream shop and walks towards it. No, Mary! NO!

Later, after the commercials, Mary walks into the CamPound with her ice cream pint. Matt starts laying into her. She's very nonchalant, telling him to calm down. Collection Bitch calls for the millionth time, and Bernie the attorney tells her that Mary's on her way to the bank to pay her bill. The brats give Mary the money. She thanks them. Matt tells her to thank them by getting a job and a sense of responsibility. Mary runs out the door. I guess she's in a hurry to catch another free double feature at Flix.

Annie shows up at the hospital looking for Eric. Hank, who apparently doesn't have any doctorly duties, strolls through the lobby and asks if something's wrong. "Is there something wrong?" Annie repeats. "No, there's not something wrong. There's a lot of somethings wrong. And everything wrong has to do with...Mary!" She's near tears. What a sissy. Hank leads her to his office so they can talk.

RevCam calls his CamPound again and tells Ruthie that if Mary shows up again, they're to keep her there. We see that Eric's at Julie's house. He falls back on her couch and bemoans his daughter's lying streak. Julie squints, then glares, into the distance as her brother babbles about the fight he had with Annie that morning.

Meanwhile, Annie's crying to Hank about the same fight. We go back and forth between the two scenes, hearing that each of the CamRents regret their argument and the way they've handled Mary. Then there's a split screen and Annie and Eric say, at the same time, "I feel like I don't even know my own daughter." Then the split screen shows us Hank's and Julie's pensive reaction shots. "Have you noticed anything? How was she when she babysat last week?" Eric and Annie say in unison. It's the corniest use of split screen I've ever seen in my life. I would have laughed if my ulcer hadn't been hurting so much. On the one hand, I wonder what I would do in the CamRents' place. On the other hand, I can't even imagine letting my kids turn eighteen without having acquired some kind of work ethic.

Matt temporarily leaves his parents' nest again, assuring Lucy that Mary will catch her snap. Then Ruthie says the same stuff. Simon and Lucy wish they had the same faith in their deadbeat sister.

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