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We finally get to meet Sasha's enchanting boyfriend, Larry. He comes up to Sasha to tell her he's been hanging with some friends in the pool hall. When Sasha whines that he stood her up, all he has to say for himself is that he needs twenty bucks to pay for his food. Simon looks on in disgust and then leaves. Sasha's upset that Larry promised to bring his friends home, but she goes with him anyway. I don't understand. He's not even cute.

Obviously, Cheryl has picked up some stalking tips during her association with the Camdens, since she has managed to track Dopey down in front of the library. Hee hee! I still giggle every time I have to type a sentence with the words "Dopey" and "library" in it. Matt and Cheryl apologize for being inconsiderate to each other earlier, and then Cheryl offers to talk to Mel.

Poor Julie. Not only is her marriage breaking up, but now she is forced to listen to Ruthie's stupid prattling about not being allowed to have a boyfriend. She gets back at Ruthie, though, by blathering on about Uncle Hank and what a jerk he is. Ruthie calls her insults "redundant," and feels compelled to explain the definition of the word. Julie says she's already aware of what "redundant" means -- which, considering her role on this show, is probably true. Annie walks into the room and banishes Ruthie, then starts badgering Julie about her marital woes some more.

In a nice piece of symmetry, Eric is down at the clinic pestering Hank. Actually, I was lying about the "nice" part. It looks like RevCam got the nurse to set him up in an examination room so he could talk to Hank. While I think it's pretty awful to waste the time of all the patients that Hank should be attending to right now, I'm at least glad to see that RevCam isn't lying on his back with his feet in the stirrups.

Wilson is trying to explain to irritating Billy that he and Mary are eloping. Little Billy seems to have taken on the function of his Glenoak counterpart, Ruthie, in existing solely to talk other characters out of doing dumb things. Now, it's not like I'm dying to see plots involving either Ruthie or Billy, but this "Omniscient Child" shit is so passé.

Hank is regaling RevCam with his explanation of why he quit his hospital job. It's something to do with not helping people enough and living in a big house. I don't know. I can't help but wonder, though, how someone this stupid ever managed to make it through med school, since RevCam has to explain to Hank that Julie is upset that he made all these major life-altering decisions without consulting her. Maybe there's some hope for Dopey's medical career after all. I'm just glad that Glenoak is populated by fictional characters who don't actually need any real, competent medical care.

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