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Brotherly Misunderstandings

Simon says that his current girlfriend isn't pregnant now; he wanted to talk to Matt to get birth control so that the Georgia thing wouldn't happen again. The CamRents look at Matt, who ass-kisses that he told Simon to "cool it with indiscriminate sex." Bored with all this talk about other people, Lucy makes this all about herself and how she knew all along that Georgia couldn't be trusted. Then Ruthie announces that Simon won't be having sex with Annie2 anymore, so no one needs to worry about her getting pregnant. Simon's all, "Hold up! I will be having all the premarital sex I damn well please! But you need to stay chaste, 'kay?" Ruthie objects, accurately pointing out that what's good for the goose should also be good for the gander. Lucy demands that Simon promise Ruthie he won't have sex anymore, like siblings making sex pacts with each other isn't extremely creepy, and also like this is any of Lucy's business. It backfires on her, however, because now RevCam's attention is on her and whatever her bad news is. Kevin says he sold the house back. "Whyyyy?" RevCam says with this hilarious moan of hopeless despair. He'll never get rid of Lucy! Lucy asks her parents if they really want them to move so badly. "Well, Luce, yeah, you know, when you can," says Annie, who only a few episodes ago was just loving having Lucy and the baby around and didn't ever want them to leave. Annie says she's done with both this conversation and, more importantly, the twenty hours of work she's contractually obligated to put in every week, so she's going to leave the scene. RevCam says he'll join her in the kitchen after he asks Lucy something.

Kevin takes off to check on Savannah. He might want to check on those twins too, while he's at it. His tone becoming increasingly angry, RevCam tells the remaining kids that he heard Mary had some bad news, and he wants to know what it is. Simon starts to say something, but Matt, Lucy, and Ruthie admonish him because it's Mary's news to reveal, like that sort of thing ever stopped any of them before, or even IN THIS VERY EPISODE. His voice quavering, RevCam screams that he wants to hear Mary's bad news "RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY SECOND!" It must be so frustrating to not be able to spy on your adult children who live so far away. Maybe RevCam should put a cup in Mary's apartment and another one in the CamPound, and then attach them to each other with a three-thousand-mile-long string. Then he can spy on her to his heart's content. Simon blurts out that Mary is pregnant again. Matt, Lucy, and Ruthie add that Mary didn't want to tell the CamRents because it was too soon to make it "official." RevCam says this isn't bad news at all, and leaves to tell Annie. The second he's out the door, the siblings turn and yell at Simon for lying to RevCam about Mary's bad news. Yeah, considering the fact that they're still seated on the couch from a family discussion caused by RevCam spying on all of their conversations, you'd think they'd be a little more circumspect about where and at what volume they volunteer that information. Ruthie says they're lying to their parents to cover for Mary again, just like "old times." Right, if by "old times" she means "Season Five and on."

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