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Brotherly Misunderstandings

Kevin runs downstairs and looks disappointed when he sees that it's just Ruthie and RevCam making all that noise. I guess he would have rather faced some burglars. Who wouldn't? RevCam takes this opportunity to lecture Kevin about having a gun in the house again. Kevin says his gun is now safely put away in a "lockbox." Between Kevin and Al Gore, it seems like lockboxes are all the rage with robots these days. Anyway, RevCam says he doesn't care if the gun is in a lockbox; if it's in the house, it has to go. Kevin leaves to take care of it. I just don't understand where RevCam thought Kevin was storing his gun this whole time. He never seemed to have a problem when Kevin walked around the house, in uniform with his gun on his belt, before.

RevCam can't get enough bothering people, so he starts needling Ruthie about what she's doing up so late. Ruthie says she was up talking to Vincent on the phone. They had a "phone date." Uh oh! I hope Ruthie didn't have any premarital phone sex! RevCam is alarmed to hear that Ruthie's phone date lasted four hours. Kevin walks through the kitchen with his lockbox. Ruthie says she and Vincent have a lot to talk about since they don't really know each other, unlike RevCam and Annie, who have probably said all there is to say to each other by now. Have they, though? I don't think I've ever actually seen RevCam and Annie carry on a civil conversation, let alone a pleasant exchange of ideas and thoughts. Ruthie says she and Vincent were talking about being married (and not a moment too soon! They've been dating for what, two weeks? And Ruthie is pushing sixteen!) and how you must get sick of saying the same things over and over again. I guess you would, if you weren't as in love with the sound of your own voice as the Camdens are. RevCam tells Ruthie not to talk on the phone for four hours anymore. I'd just like to point out that I've never known a straight guy Vincent's age who was willing to talk on the phone for more than, like, ten minutes at a time. Or do the can-can with the entire varsity baseball team.

Kevin puts his lockbox in the trunk of his car. He closes the trunk, only to find a bat-brandishing Martin running towards him. Sadly, Martin realizes it's Kevin before he hits him. He apologizes for scaring Kevin there, but he heard noise in the garage and assumed there was a burglar. Kevin says he was putting his gun away, to which Martin scolds him for wandering around with it in the middle of the night. Suddenly, RevCam bursts into the garage, screaming and wielding a frying pan. Like, did he forget that he JUST SAW Kevin leaving the house three seconds ago, so whatever noise he heard outside would obviously be Kevin? And is running and screaming and holding a frying pan over one's head REALLY the best way to ward off an intruder? No wonder RevCam got shot back in Season Three! He's got the self-preservation instincts of a lemming. Kevin takes a second to laugh at RevCam's sucky weapon, which probably isn't even non-stick, then storms out, leaving RevCam to tell Martin that if he's so scared in the garage, maybe he should move back into the CamPound. And sleep where, exactly? All the bedrooms and couches are currently occupied. I guess there's some room on the CamRents' bed if…oh. Let's move on.

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