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Brotherly Misunderstandings

Matt wanders into the kitchen and sees an open back door. The Violins of Suspense play as Matt goes to check it out. Are we supposed to think that Matt is any sort of mortal danger here? WE KNOW that RevCam is the person who left that door open, not some random guy who broke into the house. This will all pay off, however, if someone actually does end up harming someone with the defensive weapon of their choice. It will pay off tenfold if the person being harmed is Lucy. RevCam enters the house and startles Matt, but no one manages to hurt anyone. Lame! Although I have to say that I really like how this episode is subtly implying that the Camdens are a frightening group of people. RevCam says he wants Kevin and his big gun out of the CamPound, but he hopes that Kevin doesn't keep his gun inside his new house whenever he finally moves there. Matt agrees, citing his medical experience with gunshot wounds as evidence that guns are bad. RevCam asks Matt what he and Simon were arguing about earlier. Matt says he should tell RevCam what's going on, "but…" "But…?" asks RevCam. And then we go to commercial, because cutting people off in mid-sentence makes for good drama.

RevCam gets back in bed and tells Annie just happened in the past twenty minutes of the show. Unlike RevCam, Annie is thrilled that Ruthie spent four hours on the phone with her boyfriend. RevCam says Matt wouldn't tell him anything about Simon, other than that Simon is making "bad decisions." Bad decisions like marrying someone he's known for less than twenty-four hours? Annie wonders why Simon and Georgia broke up, and orders RevCam to ask Matt about it. She adds that she doesn't like how Simon goes from one woman to the next, although she was never that upset about it when Lucy did that for, like, six seasons. And I don't understand why she's apparently unhappy about Simon and Georgia breaking up, when she obviously hated Georgia in the first place. Maybe she's just angry that Annie2 didn't follow that awesome musical advice she gave her last week. Annie continues to wonder aloud about Simon and his ladies, and RevCam keeps dropping the "shut UP" hint by saying "yeah, whatever, good night" in response to everything she says. Eventually, he just falls asleep in her face. Annie gets out of bed and throws her robe on. RevCam wakes up and asks her where she's going. Annie replies that she can't sleep until she finds out what's going on with their kids.

Kevin gets back into bed. He tells Lucy he wants to talk to her, and Lucy is thrilled because she thinks he wants to tell her what Matt and Simon were arguing about, like, first of all, why does she care that much, and second of all, what makes her think Kevin does, too? He doesn't, as it turns out, saying he wanted to talk about moving. Lucy lies that she wants to move soon. Kevin says there's a problem with that. He tries to say what that problem is, but Lucy keeps interrupting him and telling him to "spit it out." Finally, Kevin says he sold their house back to M&M. At first, Lucy is pissed that Kevin didn't ask her about this, but then says it's okay because she didn't want to move yet anyway. Yeah, big surprise. Kevin says RevCam and Annie won't be as pleased as Lucy is. Lucy says the CamRents like having Kevin and Lucy around; they just don't like Kevin's gun. And yet, I recall RevCam saying that he wanted them all to move out. Lucy really needs to stop kidding herself that people like her. Lucy and Kevin have a brief and pointless "guns don't kill people, people kill people." "People with guns" argument, and then Kevin says something about being armed with a taser. Kinky! He says he'll keep his gun in his car until they move out, but if anyone steals his car, they'll get his gun too. And if they break into the house, which, judging by the Camdens' reactions to the quietest noises outside, is a very real concern in this neighborhood, they'll also get the gun, so I'm not sure I see a difference here. Kevin says they should wait until the CamRents get the "Mary bad news" before they tell them that they're not moving out, so their bad news won't seem so bad. Lucy says she was hoping Mary's bad news would go away before the CamRents find out about it.

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