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Brotherly Misunderstandings

We find Annie in the attic, having girl talk with Ruthie. Annie isn't sure if Ruthie should have a boyfriend whose parents don't know how to parent, as if she's some sort of paragon of parenting virtue. Ruthie says Vincent wouldn't try to have a "physical relationship" with her, which I completely believe, based on Vincent's tendencies to wear eye shadow and jump into the arms of the nearest baseball team. Annie frowns and tells Ruthie that she had better be older and married before she has a "physical relationship." How exactly does this show define a "physical relationship," anyway? It seems to me that any relationship with any sort of physical intimacy, which includes kissing, would constitute this. We know that kissing is okay and sex is BAD, but what about everything in between? For all the storylines and dialogue I have to listen to this show waste on the subject, they leave it remarkably undefined.

Lucy invites herself in. The three ladies wonder what's going on with Simon, because that's important. I really need to spend more weekend nights sitting around wondering what could possibly be going on with my brother. I must not love him or something. Lucy warns Ruthie about getting "too close, too fast" to Vincent. She adds that she just realized that her husband is a "gun freak," and as ridiculous as it is that RevCam had no idea that Kevin was keeping his gun in the house, it's much more so that Lucy didn't. Annie agrees with me, asking what Lucy expected when she married a cop. Lucy looks around the attic and says she "misses" living there. Ruthie takes this to mean that Lucy misses being single as well. Honestly, I think Lucy's just trying to score the attic room for herself and Kevin and Savannah. Lucy rather unconvincingly says she's happy being a mother and a wife. Ruthie asks Lucy if she would get married and pregnant before graduating college over again if she could. Lucy won't answer that. I guess married sex isn't as great as she claimed it was. Lucy tries to deflect the attention off of her by asking Annie why she married RevCam so young. Annie says she was in love. "And you wanted to…?" asks Lucy, as she and Ruthie exchange knowing looks. They both seem pretty thrilled to be talking about their parents having sex. Annie quickly says she won't be sharing that information with her children, and leaves.

Ruthie tells Lucy to move the hell out the CamPound already. Lucy agrees, then asks if Ruthie is trying to get rid of her. Lucy really needs to take a hint that her family does not like her very much. Ruthie says she wishes Mary was there so that three of them could hang out like those old times I don't think were ever actually shown on television. Lucy agrees, then asks Ruthie why she's bringing up Mary. Ruthie says she was talking to Mary recently about getting married to have sex, and if she had any regrets about that. Lucy asks what Mary said. "Have you talked to Mary lately?" asks Ruthie. Are we seriously going to have a storyline about Mary, who isn't on this show anymore? God, we are.

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