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Mike comes clean to Lucy. He admits that he was rushing her to make the dating agreement with him because he knew she hadn't heard about his suicide attempt yet. "What'd you think I'd do when I found out -- run?" she asks. No, Lucy, he thought you'd gossip about him with your sister and be afraid to see him in your own living room. Lucy says she's not running, but that she wants to take it slowly -- one date at a time. He shakes her hand goodnight. She looks thoughtful. I bet that's the last time we'll ever see him. Next week Lucy will quickly explain that he started dating someone else, and then she'll make out with someone new.

The phone in Mary's bedroom rings. It's Frankie, calling to tell Mary what happened. RevCam somehow got her and Johnny out of jail and then made them promise to "talk to a counselor." Frankie says that Mary's really lucky to have parents who are always there for her. "I know," says Mary. She makes a stupid face and that's the end.

Next week on an all-new 7th Heaven: Simon gets his ear pierced. Johnny offers Mary pot and then punches RevCam in the face. Well, that should be fun.

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