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RevCam and Annie are being each other's barnacle in front of the TV. The phone rings. It's Marcia, wanting Matt's phone number. RevCam says he doesn't have it, but that he'll give Matt hers. He ascertains that Marcia was dropped off an hour before. Then he asks her to spell "okie-fanokie" or something stupid like that. Without the benefit of a split screen and Marcia's expertise, I'm afraid that's the best I can do. The phone call's over, and the CamRents cluck over Simon and Matt's tardiness.

At the promenade, some chick asks the CamBros where the video arcade is. Simon starts to point it out. Matt elbows him and suggests that Simon show her where it is. That's how you pick up chicks, gang. Stand around looking moronic until they ask you for directions.

Annie doesn't want to go to bed until Simon gets home. The phone rings again. It's a cop. Frankie and Johnny just got arrested for possession and they're hoping RevCam will go and post their bail. Eric is surprised and upset. Lucy walks in and holds up Ruthie's diary. "Not now, Luce," says Annie. Lucy suggests that they pay attention before Ruthie goes back to school on Monday and shows the diary to her teacher. RevCam tells her the diary's gonna have to wait. "Fine," says Lucy. "If you don't care that she saw you having sex, why should I?" She walks off. The CamRents do a not-comical reaction shot and then run after her.

RevCam frets in the kitchen. Mary comes downstairs to find out what he wants to talk to her about. Eric asks if she smokes pot. She says no and acts like she doesn't know that Frankie and Johnny smoke it, either. Eventually she has to come clean. RevCam asks if she left their house as soon as she found out that they smoked. She admits that she didn't. He explains that they were busted when a neighbor called the cops on them for arguing so loudly. Mary asks if her dad's planning to help them. "How would you have me help them?" he grits. "Pay the bail?" says Mary. RevCam isn't going to pay the bail. He asks if Frankie and Johnny have parents. Mary assumes Frankie had a reason for not calling her mother. The two of them argue back and forth. Mary thinks that her friends are good people and that she can convince them to stop doing drugs. She yells that if Eric's not going to help them, she will. Eric yells that she's not going down to the station and she's not going to see "these people" again, EVER. Mary is stone-faced as RevCam says he'll go down to the station himself and help them in any way that doesn't involve money. Mary runs up the stairs. She just wants to be a busybody like her daddy, RevCam.

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