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Enjoy the commercial break, because what follows sure ain't pretty. Mary is walking through an airport -- Buffalo's, I assume -- and slack-jawed yokel Wilson is looking for her. Good God, he's turning more and more into Melrose Place's Billy Campbell every time I see him. He and Mary should get together, since it would take two extremely dense, undesirable people out of circulation. On the other hand, they might decide to procreate, and I don't think the gene pool would ever recover from a hit like that. Wilson's trying to convince Mary to stay. There's some crap about getting a second chance at love and Mary telling him, "It's over." It's hard to pay attention when Mary's acting is so very, very wooden and Wilson looks like he's struggling valiantly just to remember his lines. Mary walks off as Wilson attempts to look pained. He does this thing where he starts to raise his hand like he's reaching out to Mary, but she's long gone, and even though his knuckles scrape the ground, I'll bet his arms still aren't long enough to catch her.

Annie's still walking around the CamPound with her trusty blueprints. Lucy flits through the kitchen to inform her mother that she's meeting Jeremy at the pool hall. Ruthie launches into some speech about the origin of the word "obsession," which she applies to how Lucy feels about Jeremy. When Annie tells her there's nothing wrong with Lucy wanting to spend time with Jeremy, Ruthie tries to lecture her on denial. While denial certainly has a prominent place in many a 7th Heaven story arc, I'm not sure what it's doing in this scene. RevCam walks through the kitchen on his way to a budget meeting. He comments on how excited he is to see Mary. See, that's a much better use of denial. After making a little "Go, team!" gesture with his fist, RevCam leaves. Annie starts to call James for help with her building project, since she's finally realized she's in over her head. Ruthie rudely hangs up the phone and offers her help instead. I'm sure that, like most elementary-school students, she is eminently qualified to be a construction consultant. Oh wait -- I keep forgetting that Glenoak has entirely different laws of physics and logic. That's the only theory that could explain Annie's acceptance of Ruthie's offer. Why doesn't she just ask Wilson too, while she's at it? That would effectively remove any lingering chance that this building project will turn out well.

At the hospital, John tracks down Dopey and demands to know if he will be bringing Cheryl to the wedding. This, of course, leads to him harassing Dopey over not breaking the Cheryl news to his family. John plays armchair psychologist for a bit until he comes up with the theory that Dopey is afraid the Camdens won't approve of Cheryl. He and John leave. We see that, in classic sitcom style, Cheryl has been lurking around the corner, listening to the guys' conversation. Personally, I think the rest of the CamFam would approve of her eavesdropping technique, but she probably doesn't know that. She is sad, and I don't blame her, since that was a pretty cold-blooded remark she overheard. On the other hand, no one with even a semblance of sense would date Dopey, so that's really the reason she gets my sympathy.

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