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What a coincidence -- James is at the hardware store too. I'll bet he's been stalking Annie. It's all in a day's work in Glenoak. James offers his help with Annie's construction project, but Ruthie turns him down. Annie gives Ruthie a warning look. James tells Ruthie to call him James, but she says she prefers calling him Mr. Carver. He laughs and shakes his head in a way that's supposed to imply that he thinks Ruthie's actions are cute.

Priscilla shows up at the hospital to talk to John. She's in a tizzy because her parents have arrived in Glenoak to attend the wedding. John tells her that his favourite grandmother is sick and that his father has flown back East to be with her. If the illness turns out to be serious, both his father and grandmother will miss the wedding. John prefers to regard the situation in a positive light, though, and he advises Priscilla to do the same in regard to her parents. It's a pretty nice scene, actually, though it falls short of making me care about what happens to any of these people.

Simon is asking Deena about her ex-boyfriend. She claims the ex is smart, which gives Studly Simon the chance to unveil his big pick-up line: "But if he's so smart, then why did he break up with you?" He goes on to say that he never would have broken up with her, and that if it weren't for the fact that she left town, he and Deena would still be together. I guess it doesn't matter what she thinks of the situation, because in Glenoak, it's the man's place to decide whether a relationship lives or dies. Inexplicably, Deena is extremely gratified to know that Simon still loves her.

Cheryl shows up at the hospital wearing one of the fugliest dresses in creation. It's a speckled grey wraparound number with icky black piping. She tells Dopey that she had come down to the hospital to tell him she didn't care whether he told his parents about her, because she knew he cared about her. I guess eavesdropping on Dopey and John's conversation about her made her change her mind, though, so now she's ditching him. She says he's not the man she thought he was. I guess that's because she used to think he was worth dating. I'm glad she's finally come to her senses.

Since the show can only afford two restaurant sets, and Deena and Simon are already using the pizza parlour one, John and Priscilla have to meet her parents at the pool hall. Gene and Sylvia are friendly and supportive, despite a childish outburst from Priscilla. She shuts up again when her father apologizes for not being supportive before and says that he and his wife are in Glenoak to help with the wedding. He even goes so far as to say that John may be "the best thing that's ever happened to [Priscilla]." Man, if that's true, then she must have had a sad, sad life.

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