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Chances (1)

At the Glenoak airport, Robbie is waiting for Mary. She arrives, knocking him over with an enthusiastic tackle. He is a little less keen on her, however, and when Mary starts talking about this being their "second chance," Robbie experiences an attack of semantics and feels compelled to explain that since Mary has already broken up with Robbie twice, this is technically their third chance. He's one passionate guy, that Robbie.

RevCam is still waiting for Serena to explain her "spiritual emergency," but so far she's just been lamenting that guys try to pick her up in bars. She flirtatiously points out that RevCam has never tried to pick her up, and posits that maybe she should "hang out at church." RevCam suggests that she might want to find reasons to attend church beyond meeting men. He also mentions that her crisis does not sound very "spiritual" to him. Eric's standing about a foot away from Serena when some older guy clears his throat to let them know they have company. Serena hugs RevCam and says they can "talk later." She leaves. The old guy claims to be Eric's friend. He presumes on that familiarity by getting all into Eric's business, telling him that Serena has a reputation and that RevCam should stop counseling her. Nice friend! He says that Serena "gets what she wants," and that right now she wants RevCam.

I'm not the only one who's always knocking the writers for giving the kids friends who only last an episode, but in this case, I don't understand why they didn't get rid of Mike Pierce five minutes into his first guest spot. He's listening to Lucy bitch about Jeremy being accepted into Juilliard. Ah, so that's what the unexplained letter from New York was about. I can finally sleep at night without that big mystery tearing away at me. Lucy explains that Jeremy's secret plan had been to come back to Glenoak and attend Crawford Clown College with her in the fall, but that Juilliard is too important an opportunity for him to give up. Does she mean it's a better opportunity than Crawford Clown College? That can't be true! She's miserable because she wisely feels that she shouldn't stop Jeremy from attending Juilliard, but she also feels that the bond she forged with him over the course of that one episode a few months ago is so strong that to break it would make her unhappy for the rest of her life. Ah, young love between dumb-asses can be so annoying. Lucy says her parents would never allow her to attend school in New York City. I guess she's forgetting that she's eighteen, and thus legally able to decide her own living arrangements. Except that the legal system in Glenoak is pretty screwed up, and maybe women can't oppose their parents' wishes until the age of twenty-one, or twenty-five or thirty. Mike says he has a plan that could make it harder for the CamRents to stop Lucy from being with Jeremy in New York. You know, I'll bet it's one of those plans that's so crazy, it just might work!

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