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Back at the pizza place, Simon daringly reaches for Deena's hand and tells her he doesn't want to be friends with her anymore. She stares at him vacuously. Oops, sorry -- that's just her usual facial expression. Simon lets her know that he wants to be alone with her. I can only hope he's not thinking of giving her another hickey, because I don't think I could take hearing them philosophize about it ad nauseam, like they did last year. I really hope we don't have to endure that, but I'm scared, because that sounds like just the sort of non-storyline the writers would consider to be a good cliffhanger.

Robbie and Mary walk into the CamPound, Mary haranguing him about his lack of enthusiasm for her return. Robbie claims the CamRents are telling him he can't date Mary while living under the same roof with her. He stares at her chest while saying something about there being a "hands-off" policy.

In the CamGarage, James walks in and stares at Annie's ass while saying, "Nice work." He's here to tells her he's got some wood for her, except he uses the word "lumber" and says it's in the back of his truck. While Annie's protesting that she couldn't possibly accept his offer, she walks into another room of the garage, where it looks like the twins have been sitting, unchaperoned, amid the power tools. Finally, Annie agrees to accept his wood. James offers his help also, but Ruthie walks in to refuse that. James says he will just slip Annie some wood and then leave. Annie tells Ruthie that she should be nicer to James. Despite Annie's protests that James is just a friend, Ruthie insists that he's got the hots for SuperMom, and that Annie is not allowed to have male friends since she is a mother. Annie does not set the little demon urchin straight here, preferring instead to smile at her like that was a cute thing to say. I'm not usually psychic, but right now I'm seeing a lot of psychotherapy in Ruthie's future.

Well, what do you know? James really does have lumber in the back of his truck! Ruthie has followed him out to the driveway, ostensibly to apologize for her earlier rudeness. James starts talking about the wife he lost to a car accident and claims that Ruthie reminds him of her. I'll bet that secretly means he wishes Ruthie would get hit by a bus. With the kind of pluckiness that only badly written child television characters can muster, Ruthie attempts to set James straight about the fact that Annie is not available. James pretends to think this is cute and/or amusing.

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