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Dopey shows up on Cheryl's doorstep with a goofy grin on his face. She slams the door on him, which is smart. What's not so smart is that she opens it again when he tells her that he's broken the big dating news to his family. It doesn't take long before Matt's back in her good graces. She invites him to join her "for dinner." He declines because he already ate. It turns out she already ate too! Ooh, Cheryl, that is one sassy come-on line. I guess Cheryl wants dinner to consist of "adult relations." I wish her luck getting Dopey into the sack, though. He's looking mighty uncomfortable with the suggestion that they take their relationship "to the next level."

Robbie chases Mary through the CamPound, telling her she didn't have sex. She keeps insisting she did. Of course, no one's using the word "sex," but at least they're not saying "adult relations" either. I'll just be grateful for small blessings.

As RevCam prepares to leave Serena's house, she attacks. After insisting that it's okay for him to stay, she says she's been dropping hints for weeks and asks him outright if he's going to make a move. He looks like he's considering it, but to be honest, there's not a whole lot of suspense here because you know he's never going to go through with it.

Simon escorts Deena home after their date and finds that her ex-boyfriend, Tim, is waiting at the house. He's there to apologize for being a "jerk," though I'm not sure what an apology is going to accomplish, since it doesn't look like Tim has any grand plans to become something other than a jerk. He charmingly asks Deena, "So, you still my girlfriend or what?" Simon looks distressed when he sees that Deena is actually considering Tim's suavely-put question.

Priscilla enters the Sinnin' Premarital Cohabitators' Pad to find John sitting dejectedly. She doesn't pay much attention, though, because she's too busy disparaging her parents for changing most of the wedding plans she had made with John. I'm not sure when this wedding is supposed to be, but it sounds like it's in a few days, so I don't think there's much realistic chance of Gene and Sylvia finding Priscilla a new wedding dress now. Oh, but I forgot -- in Glenoak, reality as we know it does not exist. Maybe Priscilla's parents went to the bridal shop and decided they liked another bride's dress, so they just took it. Because people do that sort of thing in Glenoak, you know. Priscilla, inspired by John's speech earlier in the show, has decided to maintain a positive attitude. That's going to be hard, though, when John tells her that there may not be a wedding. Is anyone taken in by the fake suspense? I know I'm not.

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