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A Muslim In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Over on what is very obviously the hospital set slightly made over to look like an at-risk teen counseling center, Chandler is talking to some guy about volunteering for the program. Fans of Guiding Light may remember the actor who plays this guy as Zachary, the mysterious angel who sort of dated Michelle Bauer until he just as mysteriously left the show. Those fans might also remember that it was around this time that Michael "Roger" Zaslow, who was on the show on and off for over twenty years, was fired because in real life he had Lou Gehrig's disease, and the show said that they didn't want the character he played to become a "wizened old man." I don't know what else there is to remember after that, as I haven't watched it since. Anyway, the counseling guy asks Chandler why he's doing this, to which Chandler responds, incredibly slowly, that it's part of a project for his church, and also because he and his ex-girlfriend were going to do it together, but then they broke up. Counseling guy starts asking nosy questions about the ex-girlfriend and how Chandler currently gets along with her. Chandler says they don't get along very well. Counseling guy says that's too bad, then opens the door to reveal that -- shocking coincidence! -- Roxanne is already there.

Peter and Ruthie walk through the school corridors. Do they ever have class? Ruthie says that she's going to try to talk to Jill after school by going to her apartment. Peter says he'll meet her after math so they can walk over there together. "No," says Ruthie. Peter Peter Clue Needer says that he wants to use his talent to help Ruthie. "You're my project. Like your dad said, 'Pick something you're good at doing.'" Good at "doing"? I'd cry if it weren't so incredibly unlikely that Ruthie would have sex before marriage, or that Peter would be good at it. Ruthie slams her locker and tells Peter that she wants to help Jill all by herself, and Peter can't make another person his project anyway. Peter points out that Ruthie made Jill her project. Ruthie says that's different, because "Jill needs help." Either Jill became suicidal off-screen, or Ruthie's passing judgments on other people again. Then she basically tells Peter to get a life by referencing the sage advice of Dr. Phil on improving relationships by developing outside interests. Peter looks like he's about to cry.

Carlos paces in front of the gate to his plane while an airport worker nags him to decide if he's getting on the plane or not. Then the worker bad-actingly threatens to call security. Hmmm…airport security guard + Carlos = another successful 7th Heaven relationship?

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