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I feel worse for myself when I see that the next scene is going to involve Simon, Ruthie, and their lame-brained ferret storyline. They're upstairs on somebody's bed -- Ruthie's, I think -- commenting that the ferrets are gone. I think we've figured that out already, but thanks for the newsflash. SuperMom comes in to tell them it's time for bed. She announces that there are mice in the house, which causes Simon and Ruthie to simultaneously shout, "Mice?" in a way that is probably meant to be comedic.

SuperMom moves on to tuck in Lucy and Mary. Lucy is still awake, and when Annie starts to move toward Mary's bed, Lucy jumps up to distract her, pulling her to the other side of the room so they "won't wake Mary up." Mary's bed, of course, is stuffed with pillows to make it look like she's sleeping. Although it really does look like her bed is stuffed with pillows, so I don't know how anyone would fall for that old trick. Lucy starts talking about her ambivalence toward confirmation classes. It's a pretty good save on her part, actually. SuperMom buys it, and leaves without checking on Mary.

RevCam is eating a bowl of rodent-infected cereal in his office. We see the ferrets run past his desk. He looks up when they make some kind of chattering sound, but he doesn't get up to investigate. Maybe he just assumes that none of his children would make a sound like that and that's why he's not really interested in any spy work tonight. Lucy comes in to return Eric's Buddhism book and asks to borrow a book on Quakers. He and Lucy discuss the merits of the Quaker religion for a bit, until Lucy starts to yawn. I'm not sure why, since it's some of the most interesting stuff I've ever heard on this show. As Lucy's leaving, she asks RevCam if he's bothered by her exploration of other religions, and to his credit, he says that he's not. He sits back down in his chair, almost falling out of it. I have no idea why he did that, and I don't know if we'll ever find out. Lucy doesn't ask if he's okay; she just gives him a weird look and walks out the door. That certainly was odd. SuperMom comes in just as Lucy leaves. Annie says she's worried about Tom, that he may be "hiding something." Good detective work there, SuperMom. The CamRents speculate that Tom may be depressed, and RevCam decides to go look for him.

Over in frat-boy land, Max looks like he's about to make his move on Mary. He sits close to her and puts his arm around her, but Camille and Jason come back before he can put the rest of his seduction plan into action. Mary gets up to talk to Camille. She tells her she's not having fun and wants to go home. Camille's a real bitch, in case you hadn't figured that out by now. She tells Mary she's not ready to leave and suggests that Mary get Max to drive her home. I give Mary credit for refusing to get into a car with someone who's been drinking. In fact, she acquits herself quite well throughout this scene. Not so Camille, who tells Mary, "I guess you're gonna have to make a choice, then. Either wait for me or let him drive you home." She goes over to the couch and snuggles up to Jason while Mary looks on in dismay.

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