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Annie's in bed, reading. Disturbed by a squeaking noise, she looks over at her bedside table to discover that the ferrets are in one of the half-open drawers. I don't know how anyone could mistake ferrets for mice, but Annie does. She starts screaming, and Simon and Dopey come running. Simon tells her that the "mice" are actually his ferrets, and he tries to calm her down by saying that the ferrets are "cuddly handfuls of fun." I don't know about that, but I'd sooner cuddle up to a ferret any day than to Dopey, who's looking particularly dimwitted in this scene.

In her bedroom, Lucy is talking to Mary on the phone. She's nattering on about all the exciting Camden news, but Mary just cuts her off to say, "Get Matt now!" Lucy scurries off to do her sister's bidding.

In the CamBoudoir, Simon is telling SuperMom about his lame-ass idea to breed enough ferrets to pay for his college education. Hey, with an idea like that, Simon, you'll be lucky if you get into Crawford Clown College. And everyone gets accepted at Crawford Clown College. Fortunately, Lucy interrupts to tell Matt that he has a phone call. She nervously tries to get him to take the call in another room. She's just not very good at this lying stuff. Matt leaves, and then comes back and says he has to pick up a girl from a party where "things got out of control." It's cool that SuperMom lets him go without asking any questions. She turns her attention back to Simon and his ferrets, insisting that they be returned to wherever they came from. Okay, but good luck finding Shifty Guy again.

RevCam finds Tom sitting in a pew in his church. He tries to get Tom to talk about what's bothering him, but he doesn't try very hard. After a cursory attempt, Eric turns to leave, but stops when Tom says, "I'm thinking of leaving the church -- before I'm asked to leave." Because we're about eleven minutes from the end of the show, Tom can finally reveal his big secret. He has epilepsy, and last week he had a grand mal seizure in front of his congregation. Okay, that's pretty sad, especially since he now feels that his parishioners are all afraid of him. I'm sure that does happen, because human beings really suck sometimes. Tom's been trying to keep his disease secret, and now that everyone in his congregation knows, he never wants to see any of them again. Eric praises Tom's strength for dealing with his disease alone for so long. All in all, it's quite a moving scene. If the show managed to do scenes like this on a regular basis, I'd have much more respect for it.

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