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I don't know what to make of this next bizarre scene. Lucy and Dopey are both reading books. Lucy looks up from her book and stares creepily at Dopey. It looks like she is receiving special messages from outer space. When Matt finally looks up, Lucy says, "Did you know Buddhists believe that suffering is inherent in life?" Dopey replies, "Well, then I must be a Buddhist." Lucy grimaces at him. End of scene. Did that make any sense to you? Because I'm totally perplexed.

Over at Judy Callaway's, SuperMom is trying to convince the poor woman to start going to church again. She says, "I know you haven't wanted to go back to church, but when you're ready, I'd be so happy to pick you up and sit with you." Annie, did you ever consider that maybe that's what's keeping her away? Judy rants about her dead ex, Bill, while the CamRents look uncomfortable. Eric changes the topic by mentioning that Tom is back in town. Judy says, "You should have brought him with you. We have something in common, you know. Neither one of us got along with Bill." Ooh, do you think there will be some matchmaking later in the show? Because I'd sure love to see that.

Mary arrives at the CamPound with the trolls, who are squirming around because they're supposed to have ferrets in their jackets, and they don't want to show the critters to anyone. The little demon urchins say they're going to sleep, and Mary says she will do the same. This puts Dopey's special spying senses on full alert. He interrogates Mary, but she doesn't admit anything. You can tell that's killing him.

Lucy's reading on her bed when Mary rushes in and asks her for a favour. Lucy monotones, "I'm listening," even though she's actually still reading her book. The favour Mary wants is for Lucy to distract Dopey while she sneaks out to her frat party. Amazingly, Lucy goes along with this plan instead of moralizing at Mary for three or four decades. She leaves to distract Matt. That shouldn't be too hard. I'll bet if she points at the ceiling of the kitchen and says, "Look, it's Elmer Fudd," she could keep Matt occupied for hours.

Lucy's always been an overachiever, though, and she elects to engage Dopey in conversation instead. First she lowers his defenses with the blatant lie that she "really enjoyed hanging out with [him] tonight." Then she claims to "really need" his advice on Buddhism. She's just lucky he's dumb enough to believe all her fibs. It does give Mary a chance to sneak out.. She's pretty visible, though, in her ugly striped top that looks like it's made out of Mylar.

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