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The Electric Van-Aid Acid Test

RevCam feeds the twins with great gusto. The twins, however, remain unimpressed by his very original spoon-as-plane method of food distribution. Annie, her face covered in oil smudges, enters and announces that the Meals on Wheels van has done died, and all efforts at resuscitation have done failed. This is bad for the Camdens, because they've been using the MoW van as an extra family car, which is all sorts of wrong, especially because, now that the van's broken down, due in part to the Camdens' unauthorized use of it, people will go hungry. But who cares about the less fortunate when the CamPound only has one minivan for its three licensed drivers and eight occupants? RevCam predicts that when he goes back to work, there will be transportation problems. Annie agrees that they need another car, and says they shouldn't have any problem affording one since they have insurance money from their station wagon, which was wrecked last season when a drunk Corbin Bernsen smashed into it. Unfortunately, no Camdens were injured. RevCam points out that that money is only enough for another old beat-up station wagon, and I guess that's not good enough for RevCam, even though he runs a household with seven kids on only one income, so you'd think he would have gotten used to scrimping and saving by now. RevCam adds that they also have to account for the fact that their insurance premiums have gone up since the accident, which is strange, because I was under the impression that insurance premiums only increase if an accident is your fault. Then again, I didn't get into any car accidents this year, my fault or otherwise, and my premiums still went up. RevCam says their only hope for a new car is that he gets his annual raise. He's worried he won't get it, even though he's gotten it every year in the past. Annie tells RevCam that if the raise is so important, he should just go to the church and tell the deacons that, which is a terrible idea that RevCam is smart to nix immediately.

Ruthie runs downstairs and unadorably (my spellchecker tells me that this is not a word, and asks me if I meant to write "unfavorably" or "unendurably," both of which work here) asks what's going on. Annie says they're getting a new car; then Catherine Hicks shows us just how she was nominated for an Emmy (not for this show) by doing some really subtle, nuanced, totally not over-the-top acting by raising her eyebrows into her hairline, cocking her head so it's perpendicular to her neck, and gaping widely. Hmmm...I think she's trying to convey that she has an idea. "I have an idea!" she says. Woo hoo! Ten points for me! Annie suggests that RevCam and Ruthie go shop for the family car together, even though RevCam knows jack-diddly about cars and Ruthie is Ruthie. I believe we would put that in the "bad" idea category. But Ruthie really wants to do it, mainly because SamVid won't be coming along. "Not that I don't dearly love them," Ruthie says with a very frightening, very evil edge to her voice. RevCam tries to get out of the whole thing, claiming that he can't be in charge of buying something he knows nothing about, but we all know the real reason is that he doesn't want to be alone with Ruthie. Finally, RevCam agrees to go car-shopping with Ruthie after school. He asks Annie how much they can spend, which she answers by writing a figure down on a piece of paper and showing it to him. She also shows it to Ruthie, which kind of negates the purpose of writing it down in the first place. Ruthie, who saw the figure, pronounces it a large sum indeed, but RevCam's not quite so thrilled. Ruthie runs upstairs to steal some car magazines from Simon. "First you have to get ready for school!" says Annie, and her nagging takes us into the theme song.

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