7th Heaven
Come Drive With Me

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The Electric Van-Aid Acid Test

Matt walks up, prompting RevCam to remark on his son's absence from the C-pound as of late. RevCam wonders if maybe Matt learned how to buy his own groceries. Matt ignores this, and says he's picked a major: "pre-med. I'm gonna be a doctor, hyuk hyuk!" Annie says that they'll be able to pay for Matt's medical school with their fuel savings, except not really, since those fuel savings will be quickly eaten away by their dramatically increased electric bill. Hey, I've got an idea: Why doesn't Matt PAY for HIS OWN graduate school? Better yet, he can marry a girl from a rich Jewish family who he's known for less than twenty-four hours! Oh, what am I even saying? That would just be ridiculous, even for this show. Right? Right?

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