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The Electric Van-Aid Acid Test

Ew, it's Deena. I forgot that she existed, and I was a happier person. Deena tells Simon that Beth totally has a crush on Simon and just didn't admit it before because she was embarrassed. If I had a crush on Simon, I'd be pretty embarrassed too. Really, I don't know how Deena shows her face in public. Simon says that Beth didn't seem very embarrassed to him. Deena says that Simon needs to let Beth down gently, and become friends with her. She thinks that "just friends" will be good enough for Beth. Well, that's a stupid theory. For someone who claims to know so much about women, Deena's pretty clueless. And boring. Let's leave this scene now.

Annie, Mary, and Lucy do an inventory of their tools. Hammer? Check! Screwdriver? Check! All male members of the Camden family? Check. Mary doesn't know anything about tools and feels left out. Maybe people would want to include her if she wasn't wearing her bandanna like a do-rag.

Matt's in the HR office. He very professionally slouches in the chair as he asks the HR lady about the lab assistant opening he heard about. HR lady asks Matt if he even knows what a lab assistant does. He says all he knows is that it doesn't involve food. Except that it totally does. Only this time, the food has been digested and expelled from the body and smeared onto a plate. Or perhaps stored in a seventy-two-hour collection bucket. Yeah, lab assistant is a much less disgusting job than cafeteria worker. Jackass. HR lady tells Matt that she knows he's overqualified for his current position, but she recently received a letter from a patient begging for Matt to get a better job at the hospital. And HR lady doesn't take kindly to Matt telling patients he hates his job. "Who wrote the note?" Matt asks. Well, duh.

Ruthie and RevCam check out the cars. As RevCam checks out a bright red convertible, a salesman sidles up to him. He offers to let RevCam give it a test-drive, even though RevCam has no intention of buying it.

Mary tosses a Koosh ball around while Lucy and Annie do some hard work. Remember when Annie and Lucy were sort of good at stuff? Mary gets sick of being ignored and left out, so she goes downstairs. On her way out of the room, she sees Annie and Lucy laughing. Because building stuff is funny!

Simon calls Beth and invites her over to his house. She's bitchy about it, but she agrees. Happy barks, and it's the most exciting thing that has happened in this episode so far.

RevCam and Ruthie burn some rubber in the red convertible. At some point, they acquired sunglasses. That's cute. Not.

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