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The Electric Van-Aid Acid Test

Lucy and Annie coo over the newly-delivered toilet. Mary doesn't get the excitement, because sometimes she's almost like a normal, sane person. Mary leaves the room in a huff, and Annie leaves Lucy checking out the toilet's inner workings to talk to her eldest daughter. First she runs into RevCam, who tells her that his automatic raise has been turned down. "No!" says Annie. "Yes," says RevCam. Annie wants to know why, but RevCam has no idea. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that one of the deacons is a KNOWN EMBEZZLER. RevCam says that they are done car shopping. Oh, darn, and that storyline was so thrilling, too. RevCam leaves to break the news to Ruthie that their time together is over. "At least one good thing came from not getting this raise," he does not say. RevCam and Annie leave, and the hall closet door opens. Ruthie was hiding in there the whole time and heard everything RevCam and Annie said! Wow, that's the third time this device has been used in this episode alone. It's a pretty special show that can recycle an already recycled device. Special like the twins, that is. Ruthie exits the closet, holding a bicycle pump and Happy. I'm not going to make any assumptions about what they were all doing in that confined space together, but I have to say that the bicycle pump is looking pretty proud of itself.

Annie finds Mary paying attention to the twins. This won't do at all! The twins might get the precious stimulation they need to become intelligent, well-adjusted children. Annie quickly whisks Mary away and says they need to talk, and not about Mary's gigantic cargo pants. Although someone really should, because they are not doing Mary any favors. Annie apologizes to Mary for being "insensitive" and leaving Mary out of the bathroom-creating process. Annie explains that she totally bonded with Lucy and "kept it" from Mary. Yeah, that should make Mary feel better. No wonder she turns to a life of crime three episodes from now. Mary says she fine with being left out, but she just wanted Annie to acknowledge that she was doing it. Annie says she was, and reminds Mary that she doesn't have a favorite kid. She does have some least favorites, though. Like SamVid. And Mary, next season. Annie looks like she's about to cry as she says that she makes mistakes sometimes. God, get over it, Annie. When I confronted my mother about the obvious favoritism she showed my brother by letting him ride his bike to the grocery store at an earlier age than I was allowed, she didn't pull any of this crying crap. Annie asks Mary if she wants to go to a movie with her on Saturday. Oh, that'll be fun for her teenage daughter who presumably has a social life. Mary and Annie hug.

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