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RevCam creeps down the stairs to the CamKitchen, where Annie is channeling all her psycho energy into doing some sort of paperwork. Eric interrupts her frantic scribbling to ask what she's doing. It turns out she's grading papers. She tries to make it sound like it's an incredibly important activity, but I don't think anyone's fooled. After all, teaching CamMorals to Ruthie's classmates is not exactly going to make the world a better place. Quite the opposite, in fact. RevCam says something weird about how she obviously doesn't have time for visitors. Annie agrees. She's so busy imparting her wacko morals to the unfortunate little girls that she doesn't even have time to clean or cook today. RevCam can't help, since he has some "church thing" he has to do. He goes on weirdly about the visitors again, but he's interrupted by a knock on the door. Oh, look -- visitors! It's Annie's father and stepmother, Ginger. Annie takes a moment out from her incredibly important work to greet them and say that it's a nice surprise to see them. RevCam's not so surprised, though, since apparently he's known about this visit for over a month and either neglected or forgot to tell SuperMom. RevCam looks sheepish while Annie glares at him.

Today's Opening Credits Timewaster takes place in the CamKitchen, with Annie sulking ostentatiously while preparing tea. RevCam obviously feels bad about forgetting to tell her about the visit, but Cruella is not going to cut him any slack for that. She's more polite to Ginger, at least, when the older woman comes in to apologize. Looking incredibly tense, Annie mentions her lame-ass essay grading again and says that after she's done screwing up her students' morals, she will spend time with Ginger and her dad. Ginger, however, is not planning to stick around. With more enthusiasm than is becoming, she explains that she'll be visiting her sister "up north," for some rest and relaxation. She's just come by the CamPound to foist the old man off on someone else for the weekend. A car horn is heard, and without even looking outside, Ginger announces that it's the cab she'd ordered to take her "up north." I wonder if she means the north part of Glenoak, because if she's planning to take a cab to some town a few hours away, wouldn't the fare be, like, hundreds of dollars? After Ginger leaves, Cruella accuses Eric of conspiring with Ginger to hide something from her. I don't know where the hell she got that idea, but I don't care. I just wish she'd go away, because she frightens me. RevCam insists no one's hiding anything from Annie, but she doesn't believe him. She retaliates by ordering him to clean the house and cook dinner, all while taking care of her father. What a lovely visit that's going to be for Gramps! I know I'm always charmed when I get the opportunity to watch someone clean and cook for hours. I'm sure it's the kind of hospitality most people adore, in fact.

At least no one's making Grandpa listen to Robbie's singing. The viewers are not as lucky. Neither is Dopey. He's trying to read while Robbie dances and sings something in Spanish. We can't hear the original, since he's listening to it on headphones, but I'll bet it's one of Joy's crappy tunes. Seeing Robbie dancing while sitting in bed is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on this show, but Dopey wrecks it by throwing some pink stuffed animal at Robbie's head, then treating him to a lecture: "We're roommates, and roommates are supposed to be considerate of each other." Ding ding ding! Dopey's the first character to use this week's theme title in a sentence. How exciting! Or not. Out of the blue, Robbie accuses Dopey of not liking Joy. Well, who does? Dopey claims he doesn't have a problem with the little songbird, but Robbie keeps pushing the issue, until it turns into what may be the stupidest fight in the history of time. Robbie insists that he doesn't care what Dopey thinks; Dopey says Robbie does care. That's the entire subplot, in a nutshell. And it's quite tedious, actually.

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