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Lucy calls Jeremy and tells him how disappointed she was when he didn't stand up for her against his parents. Despite that, though, she wants to get back together with him. This revelation is met with silence. Finally, Jeremy says, "I don't want you back." The revulsion in his voice makes me howl with laughter. So if he doesn't want her back, what does he want? The engagement ring he gave Lucy. The fact that he needs to sell it to buy sheet music makes me laugh even harder. When Lucy hangs up the phone, he smiles, looking almost evil. What a jerk. I love this guy.

Ruthie comes in and tells Lucy that the police let Simon off with just a warning. She asks if Lucy called Jeremy. Lucy says, "He called me, and I called him back. And I shouldn't have." Well, actually, Lucy, since you told him you'd call back, you really did have to call. It's one of those extremely basic etiquette things the writers don't seem to understand. Lucy apologizes to Ruthie, and the girls share a hug. Ruthie asks why Jeremy called, and Lucy explains about the engagement ring. When Ruthie asks if Lucy is planning to return the ring, Lucy charmingly sneers, "He'll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands." Ruthie wrinkles up her nose to imply that this statement was cute, rather than repellent. I think Lucy's statement clinches the fact that the writers know absolutely nothing about etiquette. There are probably some legal issues involved, too, but since the Glenoak legal system seems to operate on RevCam's whims, Lucy probably doesn't have to worry about that.

Grandpa walks into Ginger's hospital room. I'll bet he's not expecting the lecture he's about to receive from Annie, who really talks down to him, while Ginger looks on and smiles vacantly. I'm not overly crazy about Gramps, but I do respect him when he orders Annie to go home so he can spend the night with his wife in the hospital. He also lectures Ginger about treating him like a child and keeping him in the dark about her health concerns. When she says she just didn't want him to worry, he says, "Poppycock!" thus making him the first person in this millennium to utter that word. It has sort of a fun ring to it, and I'd like to take this opportunity to challenge the writers to make it the title of a future episode. I'd love to hear everyone saying "poppycock" at regular intervals. It would be a hell of a lot better than listening to them all talk about consideration.

Back in the CamKitchen, Simon is trying to explain why he acted as densely as he did. He does a fairly decent job of taking responsibility for his actions. Eric explains that he and Annie are letting him off the hook because they know how hard it was for him to be caught between trying to do what Grandpa told him and trying to do what he knew was right. It's pretty unexpected, but it's always nice when a shred of sense creeps into the show. Simon thanks them and leaves.

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