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Annie tries to tell RevCam that she is "stronger and more focused than [she's] ever been." I'll bet the library patrons she was harassing earlier would beg to disagree. She tells RevCam, "Never lie to me again, even if you think you're doing it to protect me." Well, actually, Annie, he was doing it because Ginger made him promise not to tell anyone. I know this show is always rewriting history, but how bad is it when they have to rewrite history from the beginning of the same freakin' episode? RevCam apologizes, even though he didn't need to, and Annie accepts his apology self-righteously, as if it's her due. Either RevCam genuinely has no self-esteem left, or he's just trying to keep Psycho Annie from emerging again. He even asks, "You're really going to let me off the hook that easily?" When Annie nods graciously, he looks nervous. I'll bet he's wondering if there's a severed horse's head on his pillow. Because there probably is, you know.

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