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Robbie storms off and runs into Lucy in the hallway. She asks if he's okay, and he launches into a speech about not caring what Dopey thinks. Lucy thinks he does, which is ridiculous. Does anyone who's not a Teen Beat subscriber care what Dopey thinks? I didn't think so. Mercifully, they don't go into it any further, once Robbie tells Lucy that Jeremy called. You mean Ron Jeremy? Because that would be cool. No, it's just Lucy's ex-fiancé Jeremy. She expositionally repeats the ex-fiancé part a few times, for all the viewers who may already have forgotten about her romance of the century with three-guest-star-appearance Jeremy. Yeah, that guy. Robbie tells Lucy that Jeremy has something important to discuss with her and that he'll call back. Lucy's still in a tizzy when RevCam walks up and asks her to baby-sit Grandpa for the day. Her excuse? She has to sit by the phone and wait for her loser ex to call. Jeez, 1952 much? Her grandfather's not getting any younger, you know; Jeremy's sure to be a blight on humanity for many decades to come. Amazingly, though, Eric accepts her excuse as valid. He also accepts Robbie's excuse: "Girlfriend trouble." Oh, come on, writers. We viewers make the effort to wade through your crappy show every week. The least you could do is put forth even a smidgen of effort toward creating decent plots, okay? At least Dopey's studying for an exam, which is somewhat of a valid excuse, though it's still a little hard to believe that he can't take a few hours to spend with his grandfather. Come to think of it, none of the kids have even greeted the guy. Sure, the CamPound is a big house, but you'd think somebody would have figured out by now that Gramps is inside it and gone to say hi to him. Lucy nixes RevCam's idea of having Mary take care of the old guy, since Mary is "in a daze." While that mental state is surely nothing new for the stupid skank, I think they're just using it here as an excuse to free her up for her very own idiotic subplot, which we'll get to all too soon. Lucy wishes Eric luck in finding someone willing to spend time with Grandpa, and flounces off down the hall. I assume it's to take a shower, since she's carrying a towel. You'd think she may have gone downstairs to at least say hello to her ailing grandfather, but I guess things just don't work that way when you have good, solid family values.

RevCam tries once more to palm off his father-in-law on one of the kids -- Simon, this time. Simon's all excited about getting his learner's permit, which RevCam had promised to help him with today. Okay, it's understandable that shit happens, and sometimes you can't honour your commitments, but RevCam doesn't even have an apology for Simon. He just says, "I need you to stay here and watch Grandpa and Ruthie and the boys. Oh, and if you could take care of dinner and pick up around the house, that would be great too." RevCam tries to slink off without any explanations, but Simon won't let him. And rightfully so. Don't waste too much energy feeling sorry for Simon, though, since he's about to get all bratty again. He sings us a sad tune about how manly he's been -- which, of course, makes him come off as a whiny baby. RevCam still doesn't apologize; he just weakly offers to take Simon to the DMV the first chance he gets. This time his escape attempt is successful.

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