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Annie is down at the library, taking a break from essay grading to call RevCam. She doesn't make any effort to keep her voice down, but since the pay phone seems to be in the middle of a reading room, the patrons are probably used to a lot of noise by now. However, they're probably not used to the histrionic vocal force of Annie yelling at Lou, who is unfortunate enough to pick up the phone in the church office. When Lou tells her that Eric isn't there, Cruella confines herself to a demure and ladylike, "Eventually, I'm gonna find out what you and my husband are up to. And when I do, both of you are going to be in a world of trouble!" She then slams down the phone, as Lou cringes and sighs.

Mary's down at the Glenoak firehouse, trying to see the fire chief. He's got a secretary/bouncer who guards his privacy extremely well. I'm not sure that's strictly necessary, but maybe he's got hordes of groupies who are always trying to get his autograph or something. Mary keeps insisting that she has to speak to him, and I have to laugh when she keeps getting rebuffed. Finally, she sits down in the reception area and announces that she will wait to see the chief, despite the fact that his secretary has already told her the chief won't want to speak to her. Why this woman doesn't just call someone to haul pushy Mary out of the firehouse is beyond me.

Simon lets Lucy know that he's going out with Grandpa, Ruthie, and the twins. Lucy prissily asks if RevCam said they could leave, which prompts Gramps to deliver a pretty good smackdown. It's even sort of funny when Ruthie joins in, saying, "I took a vote, and Sam and David don't want you as their older sister either." It's funnier still when she adds, "And Happy doesn't like you." I could have done without the dumb twins piping up with, "Yeah, yeah, yeah," but I'm hoping the show will get cancelled before the brats are old enough to have many real lines. As everyone else troops out, Ruthie stays back to try to get Lucy to "apologize for being so inconsiderate and rude." The girls oh-so-maturely make faces at each other, and then Ruthie says, "Point, set, and match. How does it feel to be beaten by an eleven-year-old?" How she got that, I'll never know, because really, there are no winners here. Only losers. Sad, sad losers.

Dopey is trying to study in the kitchen. Wait -- does he have his textbook upside down? Just kidding. Robbie and Joy come in, which annoys Dopey -- and most everyone who's watching, I suspect. Matt asks for some privacy to study, which leads to another lame fight. Joy tries to break it up by saying she and Robbie can find someplace else to hang out. What, someplace more exciting than the CamKitchen? Is that even possible? Robbie makes the mistake of telling Joy that Dopey doesn't like her. Was that necessary? It gets worse when Dopey says, "That's not true. I don't like the two of you. I know you think you're in love, and that's great, but it would be nice if you could find someplace other than our house to share your love." Ouch -- talk about rude. Joy diplomatically leaves the room to watch TV so the guys can "settle whatever [they] need to settle." Darn. I guess that means there will be more scenes with Robbie and Dopey fighting.

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