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Joy's changing channels in the living room, but every channel has footage of the big car chase. That's pretty funny, especially since Simon is still driving slowly enough to make it look like he's leading a parade. Lucy comes in and tells Joy that she thinks she wants to get back together with Jeremy. She came to this decision after talking to the telephone operator. Why the writers decided to have that take place off-camera is a mystery, but I'm happy with the decision. The girls turn their attention to the car chase on TV. Lucy notices that the car looks really familiar, so she frantically calls over Dopey and Robbie. Since this is Grandpa's rental car, and Lucy never even said hello to the man himself, I'm not sure she would recognize a car as nondescript as this Plymouth Concorde, or whatever the hell it is. Has she ever actually seen the car before? Oh, well -- if it gets us out of having to listen to her discuss Jeremy, I'll suspend my disbelief.

RevCam's watching the same chase footage from a hospital waiting room, and he thinks the car looks familiar too. At least he's actually seen the vehicle before, but that's still pretty ridiculous. More of a tip-off might be the fact that the newscaster describes the "suspects" as "an elderly man, a teen who is driving, and three children." RevCam slowly repeats the newscaster's words to an extra who's standing next to him. I'm convinced this extra could not look any more bored if he tried.

Not content with annoying the hell out of the library patrons with her screeching, Annie goes down to the church to yell at Lou for a while. Finally Lou breaks down and tells her that Eric is at the cardiac ward, but that he didn't want Annie to worry. Annie really seems less worried than just nosy and belligerent, but maybe that's just my impression.

RevCam's still listening to the newscaster, who is now saying that the car involved in the chase "was rented to a Charles Jackson, who flew in from Phoenix this morning." You'd think even RevCam would have figured it out by now, but in case he hasn't, here comes Detective Michaels to tell him about it. Okay, how did Michaels know to find Eric here? And why does he need RevCam to come with him? Wouldn't you think getting Simon to pull over is a job best handled by -- oh, I don't know -- THE POLICE?

The CamKids are all gathered around the TV, riveted by the not-very-exciting low-speed car chase. Lucy is so enthralled by the action -- what little of it there is -- that when Jeremy calls, she tells him she'll call back and then hangs up on his ass. I don't know why she couldn't have talked to him and watched the chase at the same time. It's not like much is happening on the TV screen. One could say the same of my TV screen, really.

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