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With Gramps asleep, Ruthie is trying to get Simon to pull the car over. He still refuses. Just how stupid is he? Pretty dumb, since he gives this as his reason: "No, because as soon as I pull this car over, my life is over." He follows that up with the assertion that since he is a guy, if he can't drive, his life truly will be over. How very enlightened of him. Just as he's commenting that the CamRents may never even find out about this incident, Detective Michaels pulls up beside him. RevCam's sitting in the passenger's seat, telling Simon to pull over. Did you want to hear about the twins repeating "pull over, pull over"? No, I didn't think so. RevCam keeps yelling at Simon to "pull over," while Simon just looks confused. This whole scene is so dopey that it's actually funny -- especially when Gramps wakes up and notices what's going on. Even though Grandpa didn't think Simon should stop the car when there were three squad cars chasing him, somehow RevCam's word carries more weight. That probably tells you everything you need to know about Glenoak. After some more bumbling, the Keystone Kops order the car's occupants to get out of the car with their hands in the air. Grandpa refuses, on the grounds that he's done nothing wrong. Personally, I think telling his grandson not to pull over when a whole line of cops are after him constitutes doing something wrong, but Grandpa's old and senile, you know. Ruthie refuses to get out of the car, but she's young and senile. For some reason, Simon still isn't getting out of the car, which gives me some hope that the cops will go even further overboard and shoot him.

Annie shows up in the cardiac ward to find that Eric has just left. When she hears that he was only with someone who was having tests done, she asks, "Who? Who?" like a big, dumb owl. Of course, this is obviously none of her business, but the nurse still lets her know which room the patient is in. When she finds out it's Ginger, she's upset that nobody told her, but she's reined in some of the craziness from before. She looks like she's about to lose it again, though, when Ginger points out the TV screen, which shows Simon getting out of the car.

Detective Michaels holds up his hand to keep the Keystone Kops from firing their weapons. Overkill, anyone? There's more of it as Simon not only gets out of the car but lies facedown on the ground. I hope this isn't a foretaste of David Gallagher's future -- you know, that whole child-actor/crime thing. He is pretty rebellious, what with those earrings and all. Simon looks up at Eric and says, "Hi, Dad," while the camera pulls back to reveal a whole whack of police cars and a helicopter flying by. I guess this finally answers the question of where the show's production money goes. We all know it's not going toward acting or writing, but I'll bet it's expensive to rent a helicopter.

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