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Oh criminy, it's time for more of that heinous Ruthie subplot. She's at school, and since there are only a few minutes left of this episode, I guess we're about to learn the answer to the vital question of where she goes during homeroom every morning. Ready? Okay, she's been going to what looks like a broom closet to share her lunches with some little poor girl. Why she needs to stay there for half an hour and watch the girl eat is another mystery. Let's leave it that way, though, okay?

Not content simply to meddle in Sasha's life, Annie apparently feels the need to foist her advice on Sasha's mom as well. She's invited Rita over to the CamPound, and for reasons never explained, Rita accepted the invitation. She's kind of flashy-looking, but friendly and nice. The writers save themselves the trouble of having Annie cut her down by making Rita launch right into a flighty speech about how hard parenting is and how she "can't quite get the hang of it." Annie's minimally polite about it all, but you can tell we're supposed to be comparing her favourably to Rita. Well, I'm not doing that, but I think the writers would like me to.

I've got good news and bad news. First, the bad news: Doc has resurfaced to spread his special brand of sharing and caring on that sick Harold guy. He explains all about the epiphany thing, and Harold gets a chance to voice his doubts about the future. Doc gives him a little pep talk about making the most of his time since only God can decide when it will be over. He encourages Harold to leave the hospital and join him for a pizza.

Oh, and the good news? That was the last scene of the episode.

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