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Back in the principal's office, Robbie says he will call SuperMom down, but even such a dire threat doesn't get much reaction from Ruthie. Robbie leaves for the outer office to talk with the principal. She comments that parenting is hard, which is probably true but doesn't have much relevance to Robbie's life, seeing as how he's not a parent or anything. Dumb-ass Robbie comments that the Camdens are good parents, and that's why he should call them down to Ruthie's school now. The principal tells him that's she's already spoken to Annie, who told her to let Robbie handle this situation. That makes Robbie more than a little nervous, but the principal lets him know that if he can't handle the situation, she will handle it herself. Robbie goes back into the inner office alone to talk to Ruthie some more. I'd feel sorrier for him if he weren't so damn annoying. He's still trying to get Ruthie to tell him the big secret of where she goes during homeroom, but Ruthie is standing her ground. I'd find this a whole lot more commendable if it weren't for the fact that I probably care less about this so-called mystery than I have ever cared about anything in my life.

Oh, look -- it's Simon and his hot eighteen-year-old girlfriend Sasha. Looking at her hair reminds me that I have to pick up some Frizz-Ease later. Simon's making himself look like a goof by telling Sasha that his mommy won't let them date anymore. Sasha claims that she and Simon are "eternal," whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. I think it may be some religious joke that I just don't understand because I'm agnostic. In any case, Sasha is not pleased. She rolls her eyes and leaves. Lucy scurries over to ask Simon how the break-up went. Not a lot of privacy in the Camden household, is there?

RevCam is busy chastising another medical professional -- I imagine it's probably Harold's doctor's boss. They're having a debate over the ethics of giving patients a prognosis of imminent death. At least RevCam is treating this guy politely, but the two end up agreeing to disagree.

Oh no, it's more of Ruthie and Robbie in the principal's office. Ruthie has spilled the beans to Robbie, but he won't let the principal -- or us -- in on the secret. The suspense is killing me. What kind of tea should I make to stay awake: Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey, or Bancha? Er-- I mean, what could Ruthie possibly be doing between 8:00 and 8:30 every morning? The principal decides to trust Ruthie and says that she will inform her homeroom teacher that Ruthie will not be in homeroom until further notice. Ruthie and Robbie look pretty surprised by this as they leave. The teacher just continues smiling blandly. I'm not knocking her, though. While I have some doubts about her methods, I wish I'd had someone like that running my high school. I still remember when I had knee surgery and my asshole homeroom teacher Mr. Rini used to give me detentions for not hobbling to homeroom on time. Dickhead.

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