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Still Dopey after all these years

Sasha and SuperMom are having a cozy tete-a-tete in the kitchen. Annie expresses her misgivings about the age difference between Simon and Sasha and basically asks Sasha if she's easy. Sasha pretty much answers yes to that one, which is a bit of a surprise. I'm not sure how comfortable I'd feel about discussing my sex life with my mother-in-law, but to each her own. Besides, I'm sure that we viewers are about to be treated to another "no sex outside marriage" lecture any minute now. Yup, there it is. Sasha argues that guys like a woman who will sleep with them. Guess what Annie has to say about that. I'm disappointed that there's no mention of my favourite phrase: "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" There's something to be said for both points of view, but this whole conversation is getting entirely too Rules-y for me, so I'm going to gloss a little. Annie is appalled by some of the advice Sasha's mother has given Sasha. She offers to set the girl straight about sex, but tells her to get her mother's permission first.

Sasha trots off to call her mom just as Robbie and Ruthie walk in. They explain to SuperMom that Ruthie's principal, Mrs. Mackoul, was very understanding and that Ruthie does not have to attend homeroom. Ruthie thanks Annie for her help and leaves. Annie tries to get Robbie to tell her what Ruthie's been up to, but he refuses. SuperMom says she just wants to know if Ruthie's doing anything criminal. ["I assume they aren't counting her 'acting.'" -- Sars]

There's a brief interlude where Simon confronts Sasha in the kitchen. She reassures him that she may be able to convince Annie to let them date again. Simon dons a look of horror and excuses himself. As he turns to leave, his earring flashes very visibly in the light. A small part of me wants to know why he's wearing the earring when he was expressly forbidden to do so not very long ago. It's just a very small part of me, mind you.

Robbie and Annie are continuing their standoff in the hallway when Simon comes up and drags SuperMom away. He wants to know if Annie is going to let him date Sasha again, but she assures him she won't. She gets a little hysterical about Ruthie, but I'll just pretend I never saw it. Fortunately, it's a short scene.

That brings us back to Dopey and Doc, who are sitting in a restaurant that may be the pizza place where Mary used to work. Doc is spewing some nonsense about how Matt is conflicted, "like every other human being on Earth." That's nice of you to say, Doc, but trust me, Dopey is not normal.

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