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Still Dopey after all these years

As Mike is leaving the CamPound, Dopey walks up and gives him a big hug, thanking him for encouraging him to attend the psychiatric evaluation. Barry Watson is using pretty much the same hyper acting style he used when Dopey was freaking out before the session, even though now Dopey is supposed to be happy. Mike wants to know the name of the shrink Dopey saw so that he can pay a visit himself, but selfish Dopey just brushes him off.

Inside the CamPound, RevCam is waiting to find out why Dopey ditched his psychiatric evaluation. Matt claims he showed up and spent the entire afternoon with the guy. RevCam informs him that Doc was a patient, not a psychiatrist. But Dopey already knows this, so why did he just claim that he spent the afternoon with the person who was supposed to do his evaluation? When there are consistency errors within a scene, you know you're in trouble. It turns out that Doc got a terminal diagnosis twelve years ago, which made him experience an epiphany. This is pretty convenient for RevCam, given his subplot for this episode. I have to snicker when Dopey talks about how he used to think he was responsible for life and death, but now he realizes he's not. Actually, Matt, if you become a doctor, there could be many, many situations in which you will find yourself responsible for life and death. And given that you can't even seem to muster up the responsibility to get a decent haircut and grooming routine, I'm not sure how well you'll fare in medicine.

Annie apologizes to Ruthie for not trusting her. Great. That whole subplot really went nowhere, but at least we can be glad that it's almost over.

Annie goes upstairs, where RevCam is bringing out the twins for this week's three-second appearance. She thanks Eric for keeping her "sane," emphasizing the word, since this episode is called "Crazy." Wasn't that clever of them? No, I didn't think so either. Annie disses Sasha's mom for giving her daughter bad advice. Then, with a straight face, Eric suggests that maybe Sasha's mom gives bad advice because she doesn't have anyone to talk to, since Sasha's father doesn't sound like "a tower of ethics." No, really, he says it. This, from the guy who regularly commits ethical, and even legal, crimes against his own family members. I'd like to think this is dark humour on the part of the writers, but I suspect it's just cluelessness.

How lovely -- it's Dopey talking some more about wanting to be a doctor. This time he's sucking up to the psychiatrist who was supposed to perform his evaluation. Dopey and the good doctor praise "Doc" for a while. Dopey pretends to be an authority on life by parroting everything Doc told him.

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