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Dirty Laundry

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Dirty Laundry

Surprise, surprise! Mary and Lucy make up.

Over at Sachiko's house, she is apologizing for treating RevCam and Henry rudely before. She talks about the bitterness she has felt in her heart since her brother was killed in the war. She is also ashamed about the desire she had to fit in and the embarrassment she's felt over being Japanese. Henry does a little reminiscing about his war days and concludes, "It was a terrible situation, but we didn't know the enormity of the injustice until we came back . . . at least the ones who were lucky enough to come back alive." He talks about devoting his life to helping others, and about the difficulties many veterans had with readjusting to the civilian world. I think it's kind of sad that the only emotionally moving dialogue I've ever heard on this show comes from non-Camdens. Unfortunately, RevCam chooses this moment to speak up. He starts spewing some sappy crap about how Sachiko has to forgive herself. He gives back her donation cheque and asks her to think it over. Henry asks Sachiko to dinner and she accepts. Sachiko makes a big show out of thanking RevCam, though personally, I don't think he's done very much except put her in touch with someone else who's actually helpful. But as long as RevCam thinks he's important, I guess that's all that matters. Walking away from Sachiko's house, he's deluded enough to leap in the air and click his heels together -- no, really -- and say, "I still got it!" Yeah, I'm so sure.

Next episode: Simon's friend sniffs glue!

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