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Yet again, Kevin tells Roxanne that he's sorry about jumping to conclusions. I guess the writers are trying to make up for all the times when Kevin really should have apologized to Lucy for being an asshole to her, but didn't, by having him over-apologize the hell out of Roxanne. She responds that "with [her] past, [she] completely understand[s]" him thinking that she was screwing her boss. Because her past is that she's a WHORE! Kevin agrees that this is true, but he still should have been a better friend. If agreeing with Roxanne's assertion that she's a slut is Kevin way of being a better friend, I'd say his friendship skills probably still need a little work.

The doorbell rings at the CamPound. Annie answers it to find the Mamas and the Papas singer Michelle Phillips! "Holy crap!" Annie says, "I love 'California Dreamin''!" Actually, she doesn't say anything, just lets her sister apologize over and over again for whatever she did to upset her. Annie finally invites her in. "Let's talk in the kitchen," Annie says, obviously preferring not to stain her living room with her sister's evil presence. "Do you want a cup of tea?" Annie asks, mentally reminding herself not to use the good china. Lily sits, and Annie claims that she doesn't like confrontations, then confronts Lily about stealing a box of photos from her dad's house. Lily way too kindly explains that she didn't steal them by any means -- she asked Ginger's permission to borrow them, and then she returned them soon afterwards. "Oh," says Annie, then apologizes for being such a psycho (note to Annie: although I criticized Kevin for apologizing too much, you probably couldn't apologize enough for your behavior, even if you started now and didn't stop for the next three hundred years), and says that she was jealous of Lily for spending one week with her father. Grow up, Annie. "Up," not "out," as you seem to have misinterpreted my request to mean. Annie says that she also felt like the photos were a "window" to her past that she didn't want Lily to look into, and she says that while clenching her fists really overdramatically and making a pained expression, complete with her eyes tightly shut. Oh my god, this show is terrible.

Lily says it's cool that Annie doesn't want her to be a part of her family and she understands, and she's really sorry about the photo misunderstanding. Huh, I guess Lily got all the reasonable genes in that family. Annie attempts to be gracious by saying that although she doesn't like Lily spending time with her father, Lily really should visit him as often as possible. Because, as Annie points out, she has all her memories and photos and stuff, but all Lily has is "a name on a birth certificate," like, way to rub that painful part of Lily's life in, you stupid cow. Annie says that she thought she had come to terms with everything, but she hadn't. Obviously. Lily says that she hopes they don't lose touch with each other again, and Annie can call her anytime. Annie says that, now that her father is dying, she's realizing that she doesn't have any family left, so it would be completely advantageous to her to foster a relationship with her sister, and she'll try. Lily reminds Annie that she actually did lose both of her adopted parents, and it was awful for her, and that was why she wanted to search for her biological parents. Lily has the grace not to add that this search was then encumbered by her newfound half-sister's ridiculous jealousy and generally horrible behavior towards her. Lily says she has to go now -- she's meeting her fiancé at the airport (and by that, I can only assume -- based on this show's history with airports -- that she means she's planning to meet a fiancé there for the first time) for their trip to Hawaii. "Honeymoon?" Annie asks. "Vacation," Lily says. "When are you going to break down and marry that guy?" Annie asks. Lily says things are fine the way they are. "Things could be better!" Annie says. Right, I'm sure Lily is just itching to get herself a husband and be just like her dowdy hag half-sister.

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